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Created on: August 30, 2009
Console(s): Xbox 360

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About $treet King$
The $treet King$ are a hip hop style gang where we put bitches over money, but bling over bitches. We use the 360 or the PS3, it just depends on how we are feeling. We hang around Bohan and North Holland mostly, either checking out the Strippers or selling crack.

-Our vehicles include the Sultan RS, Maverick, Sentinel XS and the Patriot.
-You can listen to any Radio Station but The Beat 102.7 and The Classics are preferred
-We dress as gangstas, you'll know us when you see us.
-Play hard but fair! Be responsible and don't friendly fire!

Once we get at least 6 members our first meeting will be on top of a selected building in Algonquin. You must be able to come to the meeting to be a full member. (it won't be hard!)

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There's nothing planned for now!
Recent comments (view all)
#13 upptownthugg87
yo bro id like to join i have lots of abilities if u kno wat i mean
#12 Blaster451
Hey, are you interested in dealing with some classy bikes, i have a mafia in xbox360 for gta4 and tbogt or lostand damned. but mostly TBoGT, anyways we could use someone to deal with, if you accept please comment on my gang now the gambetti's but its a new name called Clemente crime family.
#11 hotrod321
hi i love your gang
#10 xHustlerz
i requested to join r u gona let me bro
#9 demo007
Hey reaper im interesting in joining but i got a slight setback i only have the pc version of gta 4 so i was wondering could you set up a multiplayer pc "chapter" of sorts of the $treet king$ also i reakon you should make a website.
#8 icedog
i want to join your set
#7 ~Reaper AK-47~
you just press join gang at the top left:)
#6 skullkid365
im new in this stuff so how do u join as gang
#5 ~Reaper AK-47~
If you are reading this join! We need more members!
#4 ~Reaper AK-47~
Yeah, just going to the Triangle Club recently. But we got a coke deal on Tuesday.:D

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