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Created on: April 30, 2008
Console(s): Xbox 360

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About Burn Out Family
BOF is not a game clan alone. It represents my generation of my family. Basicly a group of young, related, organized criminals. Drug business, its the american way. i've got BOF tattooed across my chest, and every other member has the tattoo as well. i actually left gang banging back in kansas & cali when i realized that the ONLY people who will die for you, kill for you, and NEVER EVER snitch on you are family. but most of this family of mine doesn't own an xbox360, maybe about 5 of us. so the remaining slots are free to new comers. here is a list of the type of Family you would be sigining up for.

1. we are all grown. except the youngest of us is my young brother,16. i am 26.

2. younger soldiers are permitted if they truly are young BG's. (meaning young thugs. even if just on the game)

3. if you like to get drunk and high and talk lots of shyt while you play the game... you're welcome here

4. as a unit we will often organize things. for example... " lets go to free roam with 16 souljas and run right up in the police station. the FAM verses the COPS"

5. in this fam you will be able to do free-willed things, but you Must be able to organize with us and stick to the game plan.

6. its good to stick with us. one of the only groups who have acutually, collectively DONE many of the things that people do on gta. (setups, robberies, etc)

here are some souljas the Fam is actually still looking for....

1. a member who knows his/ her way around a computer. (making sigs, creating websites, etc) we need this person to help us establish the Family's position as a legitimate organization.

2. I personlaly would like a couple ladies to join us. if your out their facing sexist gamers (who would probly rather get 100% on the game than get laid), don't worry. my family welcomes you. personaly, i think it would be cool to have a chick hop in my ride with me.

3. having ladies in the fam also makes us all feel more resonsible for one another. even though ladies can handle themselves, imagine how bad it would feel for the fam to escape the cops on a helicopter only to realize we accidently left our lady freind, and now she's on foot running from the cops, looking up at us in the helicopter, and cursing us out in every way possible for leaving her. lol

4. also we need an expert driver. if you're the guy who beats every gta race on every gta, we need you as a designated driver. this fam plans on being very successful, and having ALL of its bases covered. we definately need a great driver.

5. we need a professional sniper as well (my brother may have that covered)

6. dress codes have yet to be applied and their is no ONE leader. just like in real life, the three key family members call the shots, but we work like a family, not a company. heiarchy is limited

7. bottom line is this.... we must look good, we must get money, and MUST do it gangsta

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i get off work at 5.the meeting will be held at around 6. its an open meeting for any who would like to join, or discuss certain topics.
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