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Created on: June 20, 2010
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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#10 seanflan11
do u want 2 help us 2 destroy teamcanadas gang????????
#9 ashleypattle
message for kno1really we ave no xbox players to add u we tryed getting our m8 on but he didnt but i i think nxt time sanandreas is on he ll add u
#8 $$$sanandreas$$
TeamCanada ur a bit dumb arent u putting irish(your gang) when your user is team canada
#7 TeamCanada98
irish my gang is destroying you, we will keep killing you till you surender
to the leader of the creed we will kill them.
#6 kno1really
Xbox360 player,
GT: Kno1Really
Been playing for about a year now. Interested in Picking Me up?
#5 irishnelly
The Irish Mafia will take you on any day,we got rid of seanflan11,so if you want some come get some
#4 ashleypattle
seanflan11 i aint scared of u and i rcon i can take on all of u easy
#3 pnwage2012
i'd join but i already requested to join the NOOSE
#2 seanflan11
the irish mafia will destroy u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1 ashleypattle
xbox 360 players are also welcome

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