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Created on: March 21, 2013
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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About The Highway Reapers MC
== Club History ==

"The Triads called in that favor. The New Sega of The Highway Reapers MC had just begun!

We arrived in Liberty City on The Octopus, we docked in Port Tudor, Alderney. . The Triads wanted us to transport and sell their Heroin, unfortunately there was an issue with the deal. The Algonquin Triads figured we should have to purchase it from them as opposed to them handing it over. They then decided to state that they'd sell it to The Angels of Death MC, thinking all Motorcycle Club are the same. This caused a bloodbath in the docks we narrowly escaped and they took the heroin. We later learnt that they had tried to pull the same sh*t with The Angels of Death however having more men the Angels were able to take what was rightfully ours. We held a Church meet in the Subway's underground, at the end of the meeting we all came to the conclusion The Triads had played us from the start.

We planned to steal our heroin from The AoD but by the time we reached their clubhouse it was surrounded by cops and firemen, the clubhouse was in ruins. We had thought we lost our stash, until we saw a bald biker fly past us on a blue stripped hexer, wearing The Lost Patch. We get our guys on the force to look into it, turns out The Lost & Angels of Death having been warring since Billy Grey, The Lost MC, President was released from Rehab. One of our payroll officers tell us he thinks The Lost will try to sell it for a profit so they set up a sting operation promising us if the heroin is taken into evidence it may go 'missing', due to not waiting the heat from a sting operation we ignore the deal and await the news the next day. We wake up to see the headlines, we knew the sting operation had failed, witnesses confirmed that our bald biker was there. We take our own approach this time, we capture a Lost Patch Holder, we have a Tea Party learn that they intend on selling it back to The Triads, we see our opening, we then thank Murphy for his time. We scope out the meeting area for the deal, Dragon Plaza in Chinatown. After hours of waiting they finally arrive only four of them, Billy, Some Geek with Glasses, A Banada wearing fatass and our Bald Biker. We go to make our move but seem them split up so we sit there and wait whilst watching. Suddenly we hear gun fire and see Billy come running for his bike,unfortunately for him during his absence we cut his brake lines. We see three Traids running for a car with our heroin we follow them. We follow them back to their bosses, they were meeting on the Charge Island Baseball Field. They approach their bosses bag in hand, when suddenly you hear the roar of an RPG fly past and take down the getaway chopper, we move in brutally gunning them all down, we leave the bag handler alive to see a message, we brand his back with our badge and tell him to let his boss know The Highway Reapers MC say "Don't f*ck with us!"

You'd think that'd be the end of our story, but oh no, it's just the start!"

~ Mr. Reaper.
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