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Created on: January 05, 2010
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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About Spec-Ops
Spec-Ops unlike many gang Do Not pick the best players from the ranking board. However we take players and help them reach their peak. We don't take any nonsense but are open to treaties. We are always active unlike many gangs. We have a laugh but play hard. We will take any "ACTIVE" player who wishes to join us and train them to train others. We would prefer it if you had a microphone as communication is key.

Recruiting rules!!!
First of all let me explain things simply.
Recruiting is split into 3 stages. The 1st you ask the player if they wish to join, giving them some information about the clan. luckily i have prepared the 3 messages for you. Now you wait for them to reply if they do you send them the 2nd stage. This tells them they must create an additional PSN account including the name Spec-Ops- If they do this and you have proof then you send them stage 3. This stage gives them the website address put simply.

If you fancy recruiting msg me and il send you the 3 stages p.s Drekon1
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#57 Pakesboy
oh and also, i have a earpeice for communication.
#56 Pakesboy
I'd really like to join your gang, my PSN is pakesboy. i'm actually gonna be on vacation for the next 4-5 days, so if you would please just msg me on here the steps that would be great. and i have a question or two; is this like a police, fire service etc. gang? or is it like a navy or army etc gang? just msg me.
#55 Spec_Ops_Crazy
lk if 1 of my gang read this add me on msn or facebook chris heybelian and i hv the new gta episode from LC + when i goto canada then ill play cz the connection here is not gd
#54 Spec_Ops_Crazy
Spec_Ops for life
#53 Spec_Ops_Crazy
hy guy i hv the new GTA episode from liberty city + i dont know what happened its not updating my ps3 well im going to canada ill do it there better connection :) i wish 1 of my gangs read this hi guys
#52 TeamCanada98
i am the leader of the liberty city crew, i wish to be ally's with your gang
please message me if you want to be ally's.
#51 irishnelly
i will join if anyone has episodes from LC
#50 Spec_Ops_Crazy
hy u guys add me as Super_Crazy90 and if u guys w8 for a little more days ill make the Spec_Ops_Crazy account because when my bro comes & see im doing the account he will kill me seriously ^_^
#49 Spec-Ops-Mike
add miketurner14 on ps3 and send a message to explain who you are, thanks.
#48 Spec_Ops_Crazy
what the hell is the "city kids"

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