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Created on: May 23, 2012
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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#17 ludabuddahSOACP
but u will still be chapter president of this chapter but on ur new account u need to have as ur user name like this (conzonatorSOACP) just like that
#16 ludabuddah1
another thing u need to make a new account and join sons of anarchy redwood original thats where all the chapter presidents will be no regular members its for chapter presidents
#15 ludabuddah1
hey u need to start incressing ur numbers no excuses u need 2 more recruits thats an order
#14 ludabuddah33
how the fuck did u create us u gay ass bitch we were made before u nigga
fuck us are u kidding me dark souls created yall but it seems like i made a mistake i would never rep u puck bitches.yall the worse ones yall dont even be in the games fony ass hoes working for a weak assfake ass bitch like labbudda1 fucking pathetic hoes.
#12 ludabuddah1
my brother im telling all the other chapters but you need to start recruiting to make your chapter bigger
#11 conzonator93
ok bro will do.
fuck the dark souls!!
#10 optikiller100
yo president of S.O.A Virginia the president of all sons said were going to war with dark souls and to put what he has on hit information box
#9 conzonator93
thanks :)
#8 ludabuddah1
good job

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