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Created on: January 15, 2010
Console(s): Xbox 360

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About National Office Of Security Enforcement
The National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) is an high-end law enforcement organization and is separated into two divisions: the Liberty City Patriotism and Immigration Authority, and the Liberty City Tactical Response Unit. We solely represent the Liberty City Tactical Response Unit(s).

SpectreFiveOne (Me) manages the Liberty City Tactical Response Unit side of the clan.
I currently am responsible for Tactical Response Unit 32 (TRU32) out of East Holland.
I also represent the Avaition Division.
Contact me on Xbox Live for more info on my side of the clan.
My gamertag is SpectreFiveOne.

This is an active clan and we play free mode TBoGT.
We are allways happy to truce as you can tell by the comments bellow.
(The comments were staged, shameless self promotion you gotta love it XD)
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#11 pnwage2012
my gamertag:TZERO4 i would like to join the NOOSE suits me more to be in a elite group then having to be in the holland hustlers im a good assualt guy im good with the advanced mg and im pro with the annhilator
#10 Hashashin
Changed my name to Hashashin. Suted meh more
#9 DKmagnusDK
see you there mafia don
#8 Mafia Don
Wait a minute. My group of assassins could be of.. Assisstance to you fine people. Contact me on Xbox live if you are interested. Gamertag: TuxedoDolphin
#7 SpectreFiveOne
Then ill se ya there.
#6 X Feuerrader X
Hell no!
#5 SpectreFiveOne
#4 X Feuerrader X
What price?
#3 SpectreFiveOne
At a price
#2 SpectreFiveOne
Peace is negotiable.

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