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Created on: July 23, 2010
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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#19 you are XP
All Marines and Air units! I've switched to PS3 add me: tzro4 thanks
#18 XHawk-_-KillerX
Wanna 2vs2 Annihalator on TBoGT? Just for fun no war :)
#17 Pakesboy
dirtbag101 is soo desperate.
#16 Pakesboy
another thing i forgot to say is i have an ear peice, and if i join your gang, my other PSN bud will probaly tag along and join too.
#15 Pakesboy
Hi. My PSN username is Pakesboy.I would like to join your Marine Force on the PS3. im not able to join air force because i have never bought an xbox, and i probaly never will. anyways, im a fine driver and im good at losing enemies in helicopters if im in a car.i haven't had much boat expierience, but i think will good with cars. im good at shooting from far distances, and i know lots of glitches and good, safe, base areas.
#14 pippita79
looking for allies..i run THE MOTORHEADS MC..let me know.
#13 you are XP
ok then we are allies
Hey, i lead T.L.C.C remember me im TeamCanada98, add me lets be allies,
i also lead a millitary based gang.
#11 you are XP
ok rob your in
#10 Robbieradz
HI Im Robbieradz and at the moment im not in a gang but im looking to be recruited. IM an Exceptional driver and a good assassin. other than that im decent at everything else. I am loyal and carry out every hit,drive by or what ever you tell me

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