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Created on: June 06, 2010
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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#37 ludabuddah1
hey the sons of anarchy can always use allies we have 3 diffrent chapters one in california one in virginia and one in ireland hit me up when you want to make allies
#36 pippita79
hit me up for info on your gang..cause i wanna always active on gta 4 and tlad
#35 sk1ttl3
I'm from Northern Ireland, I can drive and shoot or whatever, I enjoy free mode, but don't really care what gamemode is being played. I'm on a lot. My PSN is the same as the username, so if I'm in add me.
wow irish your still running irish mafia???????????????
#33 seanflan11
hey long time no chat
#32 dirtbag101
Im done with you babies,started my own gang,im takin your crew aswell,irishnerdy
#31 dirtbag101
again,team canada,free mode dont mean nuttin,and you aint nuttin neither,all you do is talk about peoples mothers and sisters,it honestly sounds like you have a fixation...get help for it....or grow up and let your gaming do the talkin
#30 TeamCanada98
by the way, we are winning this war, your not you got to kick me,
cause i absolutely OWN!!!!!!!!! you, i can say this cause i back up everything i say
so irish how about next friday, we fight choppers & apc's, how about it.
#29 TeamCanada98
no i dont accept irish, di ck sucking, ass liking, dog fuckers, in my gang
#28 TeamCanada98
y not, be on the winning side, ive noticed irish aint around much,
probley fucking his sister, or jake idk one of the two, w8 OMG i jst figured it out
keri is his sister.

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