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Created on: June 05, 2009
Console(s): PlayStation 3

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About H.D.O.D
HDOD is a bikie gang Our colours are Gray. We will Anhillate any BITCH that comes in our way, and we Free Mode, Team DM, turf war,Hangmans NOOSE, Bomb da base II. When you hear the sound of Bikes coming down the street you better hide. If you like Money, Chicks, Violence, Guns, And smashing Rival gangs this Gang is for you. We cruise around our territory with our vehicles and kill our rival gangs if you join you get my respect and if not youll find yourself with a gun pointing at your when AFR. H.D.O.D Stands for Hardcore Devils Of Death

Radio stations: LCHC, San Juan

Territory's: Middle park, Bohan, Acter industrial, Acter, Tudor

Shops owned: we are in war for Honkers in tudor

Rivals: The lost MC, The bulletz

Allies: Russians, D.O.L,Rolling 30 families

Uniform: Torso is 4/? Legs is 6/? Glasses 4/?

Needs to join: Level 2+, PS3, A online ID

Vehicles: Mustang 'Gray', Freeway, Hellfury, Zomnie 'Gray'

To join leave your PS3 ID and comment
My ID is Mikkinator7
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#16 ludabuddah1
hey this is the S.O.A chapter president i wana know y ur rivels r the lost mc there our allies and there your enemys then your our enemys get it so watch it
#15 luddabuddah1000
luddabuddah1 i wana join
#14 fuckmurdamafia1
let me hope on this im an x murda mafian. This sucks My headset broke ill snipe ill heli ill gun down dumbass that comes my way.
#13 Jonas51
hey i want to join your gang, my name is "Jonas51" in a level 9, hola at me i want to bust some heads!!!
#12 Jonas51
hey i want to join your gang, my name is "Jonas51" in a level 9, hola at me i want to bust some heads!!!
#11 leeflatgap
this gang is crunk
#10 lild3580
how do yu make yur own
#9 mikkinator
Or leave your ID
#8 mikkinator
Press join underneath Gang logo
#7 Dutch Devil FjW
yoo how can i join?

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