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Make Your Own Plot

The Possible Ending thread I just posted in inspired me to make this one. We've seen our allies screw us over and then kill them in pretty much each GTA. Let's hope the next one doesn't do that to us again, but while we wait, why not come up with out own plots?

Nico comes to America and his cousin tells him that the mansion is coming, that they need to go straight to the top. This consists of various jobs that are just fronts to get closer to the big players, who you eventually kill off to make room for yourself. That as well as pulling heists off on the big players and shit like that. Once you reach a high status though, you start having to prevent hits on yourself. This is when Roman is getting paranoid, and is inevitably killed because he likes to talk big. Nico knows he's next, so it's a race to find the person who put a price on his head and got his cousin killed.

I'd like to see some aspects of other games out there, such as some hitman-esque missions or kane and lynch stuff. It'd be cool if hitmen really attacked you and you needed to fend for yourself, and maybe as a twist you end up getting one to work for you to help you get to the bottom of the hit.
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