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Idea : "bait car" script.

As we all know, the worst crime plaguing Liberty City is the crime of grand theft auto.

Could someone write a quick script that makes it a one in twenty chance of stealing a parked car, that automatically earns one a three star arrest rating? Perhaps with automatic cop and cop car spawning?

Perhaps it could have an .ini file that allows the user to make adjustments, ei: chance of car being "bait car", and/or star rating.

Imagine stealing a bait car that earns you a four star arrest rating!

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In the mod LCPDFR where you play as the police, you can request a bait car and wait for someone to take it. It is very possible however to make a simple script that randomizes a parked car as a "Bait Car" and when stolen, will increase the wanted level. There could also be an option for the police to remotely lock and/or turn off the car's engine if things get a little crazy! I myself know 3 programming languages, but am new to creating mods. If I Have the time, I might be able to create a beta of it!
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