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A Question about mods in general

ok, so i have downloaded and re-downloaded gta 4 many times now ( Im always too lazy to make a backup) and I've noticed something. Every time i mod whether its cars, maps, roads, etc the game gets jacked up and eventually either is unplayable due to bugs/problems or just crashes. Why does GTA 4 handle multiple mods so horribly * Side note* : My PC is More than capable to handle this game, I've got a 500 GB SSD, Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M 2 GB, 16 GB RAM, and one hell of a good processor (4900 i7)
For example: i installed several car mods both with the tool (Vehicle mod installer) and manually and after ~15 either the textures dont load (driving on air, no buildings, no road, etc) or the game crashes, revert the car model and no luck. I have tried ENB's and they either lag ALOT or made the game look drugged out (neon green sky, pitch black, rainbow buidlings, etc) I want to know what is the boundary for mods, how many can i have to run the game well while having graphical mods and car mods.

PS: It's annoying to have all these problems but the worst part is that so many people who post videos and others who mod have HUNDREDS of car mods, re-textured city, ENB's, and a ton of other shit

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GTA iv is just buggy it break a lot for no reason there is just a lot of problems
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