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Introduction to the server
The server is largely based on recreating the atmosphere that older servers such as SARP and WTFMan had. We wish to be the type of laid back, non-pretentious gaming that everybody loved and used to have. The players are the first priority and fun it all the really matters in this game but unfortunately some have forgot that. We hope to grow and keep growing as community and in the long run to become one of the largest English speaking servers. That may seem like a high bar to set but if we're going to do it then we want to do it right or not at all. We invite you to join us in our attempt to reach this goal and have fun while you're at.


A MySQL Saving System
A page to see all the top players stats
Leveling system with paycheck system that is designed to prevent paycheck farming.
A helper team to assistant you over newbie chat or even through /requesthelp
Currently 16 jobs available and we're planning to add even more (Detective, Lawyer, Whore, Drug Dealer, Car Jacker, Car Mechanic, Bodyguard, Arms Dealer, Boxer, Drug Smuggler, Taxi Driver, Pizza Boy, Trucker, Bartender, Craftsman, Fisher).
There are currently 6 factions: LSPD, FBI, FDSA, Hitman Agency, San News & Government. We will soon be adding the Sheriff Department with IRL LEO Experiences
14 families composed out of gang oriented and mafia-oriented families, all with different themes.
A crew system for families (/crewhelp)
Points system for gangs to fight over several territories.
Player owned vehicle system with vehicle dealerships throughout the city.
Advanced /setradio system to stream online radio stations from Shoutcast.
Several custom clubs throughout the city that play music from online radio stations.
Currently set in Los Santos but we very much wish to expand into Red County, then San Fierro and Las Venturas if the player base ever becomes large enough to do this.
All the latest 0.3e features.

Join us today to have back the fun we had years ago when SA-MP was first released.

Server Information:

Server Address: samp.volatilegaming.co.uk

Our Website: www.volatilegaming.co.uk

Teamspeak 3: ts.volatilegaming.co.uk
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