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Modders Request for converting famous titles to gta

after browsing all those mods for days n' weeks, here's what i've found missing; gameplay. every modding community in this universe is trying just one thing, which is converting "stuff" from famous titles to gta, yet very few are actually tweaking gameplay. i've seen this W_D mod where it has come close as possible to original title. i really do appriciate the effort for adding content to a game, in your free time, but let's just be honest here. most "mods" you see on the net are just imported models. its not a mod, its just a cool make up which does slight affect on gameplay.

what i'd like to create for gta community is actual mods where this character will look/walk/run/fight and most importantly sound like actual character, not niko/luis/johnny. thanks to many coders, it is now possible to alter most files of the game so why not take advantage of that?

let me give few famous examples;

there's this batman mod where player can walk around, blow up stuff. but it doesnt feel like a caped crusader cause it lacks sound effects and character animations. the guy still has default walking style and niko's sound can be heard. why not replace sounds taken from the movie? why not give it a more bruce-wayne style movements? i know it is possible yet no one attemps.

another mod comes from various people. many have tried to import "dante" into gta. it has this cool looking white haired guy from the 4th game, and another has this cool looking young guy from latest title. they look awesome while standing still, just like in original titles. clothes, faces, weapons, all look the same, awesome. the problem starts as soon as the character moves; it's niko. it sounds, walks, run, fights exactly like niko. with all these rebellion and ebony(since no dual-wield is implemented...) and other weapons... it's just make-up.

just to sum it up based on my two examples; even though the original title has free roam, the bat-niko mod is just a make up. why not take advantage of the whole city and turn it into a perfect real-time crime-fighting simulation this arkham games lacks? listen to police radio, interfere with petty crimes, interrogate peasants, solve stuff. most importantly jump in any bat-vehicle.
the second example, as a dmc fan, would you not like to tear the liberty city apart with your demonic powers? take dante from dmc and put it in gta. walk around like dante, taunt like dante, cut people in half like dante, swing the rebellion just like dante, not that funky knife!

so here's my suggestion and request; i do the graphics, you do the coding. by graphics i mean everything; models,animations,guns,props,vehicles etc. anything you'll see on screen. sound's not my gig but i simply how to manipulate and sync it with frames "cuz imman animatorz nnd suppozed to know dis ztufff". i'll do my best to convert original titles to gta, in return i expect the same from coders. anyone willing to spend their valued free time to this can pm me or write under this post.

"but-wait-theres-more"; should there be any volunteers and we actually accomplish something, i'm planning to take it one step forward for gta v.
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