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Well, my problem with Grand Theft Auto V is that it was to big. Rockstar Games made an big deal out of Grand Theft Auto V, and you can see that aswell. I am waiting for the new missions, because when I played in Grand Theft Auto IV, I had the feeling that the missions was very complicated and hard. And in Grand Theft Auto IV, I just don't see that much of missions. I'd rather had some more missions and an bigger city. The city is feeling empty because you don't have alot of interiors, and that's also a big problem. Alot of interiors where pretty nice to use and now you can only play with like twenty. Twenty out of the hunderds they probably made. The lack of radio is also an problem, because the music in Grand Theft Auto V is most of the time crappy. I don't want to listen to music which is made in the last ten years, I want to hear perfect and good songs from the old days. Give me an nice Grand Theft Auto based in Vice City, and I will kiss the feet of the owners of Take Two Interactive.
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Originally Posted by ZCAB View Post
GTA IV was arguably the most commercially successful GTA until GTA V, selling almost as many units as San Andreas in about half the time. If Rockstar was trying to appeal to the fans as blindly as you're trying to make it out, GTA V would have been more like GTA IV, not less. Can you really accuse them of not having feeling for what they're creating, when they've so obviously looked at the fans' wishes for GTA V rather than just at what's been proven to sell? They make their games for their fans, not for their own creative expression.

How exactly are GTA V's physics less advanced than its predecessor's? They're backed up by the exact same technology, which is implemented no differently besides on character movement and vehicle handling. Character movement is snappier, but no less lifelike (unless you consider it unrealistic to be able to turn around in less than 5 seconds), and driving is more loose and responsive, which makes it more comfortable and fun to many people. It's not quite a driving simulator, but the vehicle physics in GTA IV weren't exactly spot-on either.

Having a more focused and emotional story is good and all, but here's the thing: the more emphasis a video game puts on its story, the more obvious it becomes that the overall standard of writing is so much higher in older storytelling mediums like TV, film, or novels. A scene like Niko telling Roman about the fifty children against the church wall might seem profound by video game standards, but it's just another version of the traumatic tale you get from every war veteran in Hollywood movies since Jaws. GTA V, unlike its predecessor, knows this is an uphill struggle and chooses to emphasize gameplay. To reference another work of crime fiction with much more "grown up" writing than GTA IV: "You cannot lose if you do not play".

By the way: many people can actually enjoy a serious story with mature themes one moment, and some stupid immature fun another. This is absolutely no reflection of their "maturity". It's a reflection of how sometimes, a person just wants to have some brainless escapism after a day at the proverbial salt mines, instead of having to drive his virtual cousin to the bowling alley while listening to good-by-video-game-standards dialogue.
Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
You fail to realise your opinion is that of the minority, I believe most gta fans are quite fond of Trevor so I don't really think it's that much of an insult to gta fans. Added to the fact that for some people gta is indeed being a maniac for the sake of being a maniac, that's the beauty of gta.. you can play it however you damn well please. I personally very much enjoy playing with Trevor and just being an all out maniac, I think he's one of the best characters in any of the GTA games.

+ everything ZCAB said
These are great and fair points, thanks for the great contribution.

Couple things: Killerfist, as I have noted at the end of my blog post, I am aware I am in the minority.

And on physics, ZCAB, did you not feel the damage physics was less satisfying in V than IV? I would spend some time just crashing cars in IV because it just felt and looked awesome. Where as in V it feels "light weight" and the damage system doesn't look as satisfying. Also how can both a sport car and a jeep climb a steep hill with the same effort. It just felt silly and too arcadey.

The rest of the thread I am with Ash. After the first hour or so of IV (which I agree was very boring and tedious), every time I would chose to replay IV over V. Yes V did play better in some aspects (gun fights are easier to handle) and technically it was just mind blowing. But if someone said re-play a PS3 gen GTA, I would pick IV easily every time. My desire to go back to V is near 0 at the moment.

Also V was literally the first GTA where I didn't at all feel 'the GTA magic'. I did up to release, heck I took a week off work (anyone who knows me will tell you I don't like taking time off work). I was thrown back to my teen years in the pre-release. Then as I played and played, it just never wow'ed me (again, outside the tech like draw distance) and I stuck with it, desperately thinking and hoping it will bring the GTA magic back at some point....And it just never did.

On another topic I would like to bring up mission design:

i was sitting in traffic the other day remembering the mission where you are staking out a building waiting for a car to come out. this car you knew the license plate to look out for so i got all excited, trying to match in my head the licence plate and the ones of the cars coming out. then when the right car comes out the game autoamtically goes "ok follow that one!". wtf. might as well have made it a cutscene.

suggestion to fix: make it after you zoom in on license plate of the cars going by to check if its the right one X = Follow , O = Let go...if you pick the wrong car, tough shit. hell i would have made it so you follow it for a few seconds then the npc goes "errr it's not the right car idiot!".

but i guess that kind of mission is 'annoying' nowadays?

that would have made it an INTERACTIVE GAME. not "ok the npc will tell you what to do you just sit and wait".

And I felt that kind of mentality went through the whole game and thus it was boring as heck to play for me. it had very little actual freedom for an open world game. worst mission design by far.

going along with that i also hated the waves of enemies that would spawn out of nowhere. huge immersion break. i'm sure other gta's did this to some extent but i never remember it being this obvious.again, bad design (to use wave of enemies that spawn out of nowhere, or to not hide it well...either way fail).

and bits that were supposed to be 'epic' just didn't hit home. did anyone feel the juggernaut minigun bit was fun? i felt like i was playing some mediocre 3rd person shooter and was pretty bored throughout it. shallow shit.

And as mentioned above in the thread, it felt like they didn't know where to go. And I feel this applied more than the story. Stuck between old gen madness and IV reality in gameplay. Like why no jet mission, no casino heist? Go nuts with it R*, give us a jet mission where we attack an army base or takeover someone's mansion in an epic planned attack.

But I feel even if there was a casino heist it would probably be "go to this hot point, press x while AI does everything for you, now watch cutscene" etc.

I remember a mission in IV where you could see someone's phone through the window and you had to call him to draw him to the window and then snipe him out. I recall the game didn't hold your hand through every step and that was badass mission design. Nothing like that in V. Everything was too automatic and 'just chase the coloured dots'.

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Thank you for your great responses to my post.

I haven't been here in a while, so I'll start by thanking everyone who gave some (really amazingly awesome) thoughtful responses to my original post.

I don't have much else to say, except for this: If a GTA VI comes about, maybe they'll take a cue from the forthcoming Hitman game. In that one, we are promised a "globetrotting" protagonist -- without magic pockets.

I LOVE the "no magic pockets" thing. I'll tell you what -- I'd rather play ANY game whose protagonist has no magic pockets. And trots the globe.

P.S. To masteratt:

Yeah, that was the gist of my original complaint. Too many "checkpoint missions" and not enough choice. And the automatic Robocop army makes a chore out of doing anything evil.

GTA IV was a huge departure from everything that preceded it. It still features my favorite storyline, equal only to the 3D universe GTA San Andreas. Yes, IV was dark, but it seemed much more realistic than anything that had come before or has come since.

I just remember starting GTA IV and feeling like "wow... this city is HUGE!!!" Even when I got a feel for where everything was, and even when it seemed to have shrunk a bit, I still felt like there was stuff to explore.

I'm not sure how a game, that is clearly about four times the size of Liberty City, feels less... well, interesting. But one thing that they said back during the run up to GTA IV's release was a comment about how they "didn't want any dead space."

True, having some quiet areas to reflect (such as the forest in GTA V) isn't a bad thing to put in a game. But there are huge swaths of land in the new Los Santos / Blaine County area that give me a similar sense to what I got from GTA SA -- that there were plans to develop areas -- and new missions -- that never got completed. So -- dead space is back. And in space, no one can hear you screaming at your console -- or at the devs -- and space is very, very cold...

Ah, well. It's all just a game -- right?

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It's a video game, and it's not like you were put in a mission and was forced to kill a group of innocent unarmed civilians. So you're complaining about nothing.
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