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Exclamation GTA V Xbox One Real Life Roleplay

Event will be held whenever we can get a full 30 player lobby or 20+--- Regular event time will be held every Sunday at 5 pm central for the Roleplay--

This all played in GTA V on the One and not in Real Life--- If you guys are interested in playing be sure to contact me on Xbox Live and make sure that you have read all the rules--- GT= IG Airassault54

Also create your character at the bottom after you have read the rules.

Suggest reading all rules before creating a character--- If u create a character u agree to fully knowing all the rules and will be held more accountable since ur able to save ur Char for the Roleplays--(Will explain ingame)

(All players must have an APT or House by the end of the first day)(SO U ARE ABLE to sleep xD)

(All players must eat 3 times a day if u dont u will be booted(Also u must sleep for 2 mintues every day for the rp!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Trust=Break it once u will never get it back(Their will be multiple IG Team members in each lobby so dont try 2 sneak ha)

POV(Point Of View)=You cannot take action in roleplay unless u see it happen(Includes all players especially police)- This is also added= Make sure that if somebody does something and you are trying to tell the police that u say their description and build not just their gamertag-- That is considered Meta Gaming--That is why players can change clothes and cars xD

Fear Factor=Fear applies to a rp player when u have a weapon pointed at u and a player rp robbing,hostage taking,raiding,stealing,etc towards u. This means u cannot do anything unless u are on drugs that take away fear factor.---Being drunk takes away half of ur fear factor resistance but u more likely to get a larger ticket or fine!---If u are being fear factored by a player u must comply and then report it to the police if ur civilian...If it was illegal dont because ur dumb
If you are in a car or truck (no motorcycles) you can try to get away, but only as a first response. You can't wait until after the gunman makes a demand to flee.

RD-(Random Destruction)-No destruction of Los Santos without roleplay reason including npcs

Player Destruction- Whenever u get into an accident depending on how hard the collision was or how it happened will depend on if u need a tow truck--
(Tow truck will have to remove wreckage u will be fined)
Death= Head on collision-(Ur player will be killed)
Explode-(Car must be replaced at set price)

Serious Injury--(Hospitilaztion up to 15 minutes--Depending on whose fault may not need to pay)--Tow truck will have to come and move the car to the auto body shop

Multiple car crash
Hard wall impact

Minor Injury--
Small crash
Fender bender
Rear end(Other driver will have minor injury)

Player Griefers-Complaning about legit RP kills or stuff that happens in RP--(If u dont think so talk 2 an admin in private and let them get 2 the bottom of it---Dont be annoying or we will boot u)-- If u think u were player griefed cntact a moderator ingame and explain him the story-- If he dont think he has settled bring in another moderator-- After that contact staff then admin--- If u still feel it has not been settled contact an admin after the event.

NewLifeRule-NLR-If u are killed u forget the last day and dont get ur payday if u have a govt and/or civilian job

Assgunning= Pulling a gun that would not be able 2 be concealed-exp...(Rifles,Shotguns,RPGs(lol),Snipers_) Luckily if u are in a vehicle--U may get out and use those weapons bcuz u pulled it from ur car<----Exp of rping-----If u are in ur house u may pull out ur weapon unless u have been put into fear factor mode-

RandomDeathmatching-(RDMING)-Killing another player without roleplay reason. exp...Killing somebody for pushing u, cutting in line,---U have actually play out ur actions as they progress through the roleplay and killing people is not a good way to make friends or money. If all u wanna do is be a gangbanger or cop and abuse u will be perm banned xD-We want people taking it 2 th,e next level-If somebody pushes u tell them they better watch(They dont say anything u cant do shiz_If they talk shiz back u bet ur ass u can but later down the road with a legit rp reason...Exp//Drugs,raids,etc

Meta Gamining- U cannot communicate with other players except with roleplay interaction...So u cannot call somebody and tell them they heard something about a raid when they were in a car..Obviously u wouldnt be able 2 hear them and same goes with cops and all players alike. (No party chat or private chats will be allowed by anybody except the IG Team-unless invited by one of us. ---More or less dont use 2 ur adv.---

Powergaming= Forcing another player 2 do something that has nothing 2 relate 2 the rp or is extremely unfair---(Dont take things into ur own hands...Cheaters and players who ruin the game will be removed)<-----Contact an---->Admin--(Very important. Destroying somebodies roleplay experience is not allowed. We want this to be as fair as possible..Limit the killing to legit reasons

Player Killing=( Be sure u contact an admin or Staff if u are taking stuff from the player so u dont end up with an extra 10 grand and 3 weapons nobody has account of u purchasing)Whenever another player is killed by another they are allowed to take a max of 1000-10,000 depending on the amount of money the player has--(5,000 to 15,000) 1,000---- U add by 10,000 for every increase of a 1,000 dollars. ) U will also be able to take any items the player has on them--Lockpicks,Drugs, and weapons. This stuff may not be lied about if caught u will receive a huge deduct of pay and possible job demotion-

U have to search their body for 30 seconds-- To take all-- If its a quick search u will get a 25% of items

Death= When killed u will have to wait at a hospital for 15-25 minutes if u were not picked up by a doctor(Pay a large fine depending on frequency of death---(2,000-30,000)--This means u will have to pay for hospitilization---The amount of time u wait depends on death---15 minutes-- (Car Related or Falling or melee killed)--20 Minutes(Gun shots) (Extra 5 minutes may be added if their is a frequency of death

If a paramedic comes to where ur body was last at u will only have to wait 5-15 minutes and pay a small fine for ur wounds--1,000 to 15,000 depending on the amount of deaths or frequency--

Its better for a paramedic to come "Save u then to not have on come--Longer wait and more pay will be deducted--

Resident Rule=(Pistols dont count against this rule--U can have a max of 20 Pistols without it counting against this rule)

Property-small=75 drugs 50 weapons 25 items

Medium=100 drugs 75 weapons 50 items

Large=150 drugs 100 weapons 75 items

If ur house or apt is robbed depending on what vehicle they have they only can take a certain amount of stuff
Van or Pickup=50%
Moving truck=75%
This goes for each type of object u have in ur house if uhave 10 drugs 10 weapons and 4 items and they have a car they get 3 drugs 3 weapons and 1 items.
If u are robbing it by urself it takes 15 minutes with 2 people 10 minutes 3 or more is 5 minutes

Carrying Rule-
1 one handed weapon
2 two handed weapon(Must be in ur car and cant be assgunned)--Examples sniper and AR in your trunk--
1 one handed melee
1 type of explosive
10-50 drugs depending on type of vehicle
5 Items(Depends on type)

If AR was already being used can be slung on back--Players/Cops should know that they were just under fire and that person can only give up if they throw up middle fingers---

Property--Any building or place of interest is able to be bought--(Building u can go inside of including already purchased places online are more expensive) (Contact IG Airassault54 to purchase property)
Prices will be set on how much is owned in the RP and the size--Any property will generate revenue and will be decided by admin--(The amount for the revenue will be based off the scale-- Their will be a set price without being in the roleplay-- Ex. 700 a day--- Based off a 7 day system--U would make 4900 a roleplay off that business-- If u were not in the roleplay u would only make half of that but it can be added on in your player bank after every completed roleplay--- This is the benefit of having a property -- Depending on how much u buy the property for u will be given an amount u earn every day.

Door Rule-- Any vehicle or building door(Exceptions) can be broken into with either a lockpick or a c4 charge/ Breaching charge-- House doors and vehicle doors can be broken into with a lockpick-- Perk I must be bought to use-- Perk II must be bought to make----THe only doors that need breaching charges is the prison or jail where detainees are being held or a secondary inside of a building--(Such as the office room in the mayors building(Bank upper floor)

Car Insurance=

Full coverage-25,000-100,000 depending on car

Half Coverage-10,000-50,000 depending on car

Liability-10,000-25,000 depending on car(If it was other drivers fault they will be pay for damages)--(Can be fought in court---This will be put down in item section if u have bought it)



Arresting-- Cops may knock the person un concious with a nightstick--If this is done they can we held accountable and may go to jail or have huge court fines--- Cops should hit somebody with fists to arrest them--- When a player is being arrested or wants to give up they will do the action middle finger(Throw the bird up)

Police Evidence/Leading to an arrest- Guys the cops in the game r just like in real life. They will give u tickets for minor things.(When ur endangering the citizens/Ai Characters of liberty city u may get a big fine or even jail time)---It is better to get minor tickets and just pay them off an ur good to go---If u get another ticket while ur other one is pending that is automatic jail time. U usually get about 3 tickets b4 u get jail time.----(

U wont be able to exactly identify the person that did it. But if they dont change their clothes they will still have gun residue from the muzzle blast theirfore they can get caught--Also if they were in a car that they bought with a liscense the bullet casing and or residue would be in the car.( This only counts like 5 minutes after the shooting or so)---

Police actually have to get a reason to search their car...Could be anything small to a traffic stop--(If they search your car you have to say what u have if u just got pulled over and searched.. and u had drugs and didnt tell the cops then sold the drugs u will be suspended for 3 Roleplays)

(Searching Cars= Also if u have gun shots in ur car they have more then the right to pull u over get it fixed asap)

Be legit. If u dont know sh*t about a cop go look it up online.(Police Officers for Dummies book lol xD)

--------------Police Rules Of engagement/Wanted system=============One star

Person with a gun
Person with a knife
Hit and run
Illegal parking
Drunk Driving
Threatening phone calls
Fist brawl
Two star

Stolen vehicle
Speeding or racing illegally
(Jail Time)
Three stars

Use of illegal weapons
Resisting arrest
Assault with deadly weapon towards police officer
Armed robbery
(Jail Time and Ticket)
More Police Abilities---

Liscense Plate tracking-(Cars for Civies ..etc)-=This pretty much means if ur scene leaving the scene of the crime and somebody had atleast 5 seconds to 'Write down ur liscense-(Say car and what person looked like)-They would then tell the police..This also works with the police. If u outrun the cops dont think ur clean free---The only way to get around this is to go to the Mechanic shop--Legal Mechanic can get in trouble for repairing a criminals car!--

Changing of Clothes after blood spatter-=If u ever kill anybody or get blood on urself under any circumstance u must buy new clothes so you dont get caught--
If you dont want to get arrested by the police-- U can wash ur clothes but it will take 1 day to get the blood out of the clothes

Mayor=3500-4500(Controls Los Santos and its Police Force)---Does his daily duties---(May make taxes and other laws during the rp and stay in effect until the mayor becomes deceased)----

Law Enforcement Chief=750-1500---(In charge of Liberty City Police force)--If their is no mayor the Law Enforcement Officers would come to the Chief for warrants)

Swat Officer=1000 for a mission completed(Will be given swat officer by the Chief)

Law Enforcement Officer=500-1250(May be promoted throughout the game for being a good police officer)---(Must listen to the Chief of Police orders)---(Makes 500 dollars for every Legit RP Arrest)

Scientist=7000 a Roleplay-Conducts experiements and may benefit the roleplay.-College is needed-

Lawyer=750 a day=== Also Makes money by doing different cases(Must go to college)--Can charge any amount of money for a case this is the only way to get out of jail early---

Judge=1000-5000 one time only(Must go to college to take part as a judge during a case)--(Must go 2 college to take this job)--If their is no Judge Admin will be--

Real Estate and Banker=Admin only----(Talk to Airassault54 if u are trying to buy a house for RLRP or Rent it for that RP Lobby)---(If you dont want to lose items or money when u die contact me so i can save it)

Doctor/Paramedic=1000(Must go to the player to revive a player that has been killed and will receive the 500 dollars from the recently deceased player)---(If a player is injured they have to call a doctor/paramedic and have them meet eachother b4 the player dies----If flashing red u must call an ambulance and u cant meet with them because ur critically injured----250 dollars for gunshot wound--150 for stab wound--100 for a concussion(Being knocked unconcious with fists or a bat--(If melee is used on 2 ur player while on the ground they are Player killed)--400 for multiple wounds---(If u are ran over by a car or fall from a high distance u might have to be put into a wheelchair if u die and u dont want to lose ur money-weapons-rp items)-----

Fisherman==Contact me for this job its long complicated but a good money maker------

Civilian=====(If u have a job that is not in this area u can talk 2 me privately on XBL if u are serious on pursuing this new job)---ALL CIVILIAN JOBS IF DONE WELL WILL RECEIVE PAY UPGRADES!!!!

Pilot=Payed depending on price of tickets and where to---Can be helicopter or jet-- Must go to Flight School-

Farmer=Must own a farm(Can rent or take out a loan)
4 types-- Brewery-Food-Alcohol- tobacco

You can turn any property into a farm as long as its not in the city---
Takes 10 Minutes to work each type of farm---If two people work it is 5 minutes---3= 2 minutes and 4= automatic grow or make for the types of farms(u have to pay people that do this you cant just get helped out-

p.s you are allowed to make prices for the beers--tobacco food but dont over price it
Brewery=48 beers for every day it is worked--(Contents = 48 beers is two double cases) 24 beers is a case---12 beers is a half a case---6 beers (Should know) 3 beers is a 40-- It takes a 40 to get tipsy and a six pack to be drunk anyhting past 6 bucks u may receive alcohol poisoning- -U receive Super Light armor for being tipsy---When your drunk you receive medium armor and you are resistant to pistols for Fear Factor but must drive sloppy and it last 6-8 hours in game to become sober---
Tobacco-40 Packs of cigarettes every day it is worked-10 packs of cigarettes is a carton---It takes half a pack of cigs to smoke one bag of weed--- These are considered joints when you are using weed and is the only way to use weed. If you are smoking and you are caught by the cops you will most likely get confiscated and searched-- IF your just smoking weed with legal weapons your fine you will not be arrested unless you have multiple counts of public intoxication.

Cigarette effects= Calm demeanor in tough situations. May help you get out of getting in trouble. 10% chance in convincing somebody to do what you want. -15% in attraction to the opposite or same sex

Food= 48 food every 10 minutes it is worked max of 2 times a day.

Steak=Expensive takes 3 farms to do

Burger=2 farms

Hotdog=1 farm

More food soon

Mechanic-Will explain

Professional driver- Will explain

Business owner= Owns businesses and operates them his/her way(Makes money depending on business and placement)

Supply Truck Driver=650 a day--(Also receives all the money for Food,alcohol and legal gun shipments)(People using this will have to pay 150 for each service--- Needed to run Clothing Shop--Barber Shop---Gun Shop--Food Shop---Mechanic Shop Etc

Taxi Driver=350 a day---(Receives money for all cab fares)--(Receives free 4 door car)

Hunter-450-550 a day--Sells food to supply truck driver so he can deliver food to the businesses-(Every time he supplies one business for food its an extra 100 dollars)

Food Employer=650-850 a day--(Receives 50 dollars every day the food business has been open)(Receives all the money from food sales unless you hire an employee)--(U only get food sales for the time of day u work)

Food Employee=550-700 a day--(Receives half of food profits)

Bartender=(Variable depending on place of work contact me)

Dancer/Stripper-(Varaible Depending on place of work contact me)

Hooker=Salary is based on jobs done to other players(Is illegal if seen by the cops)

Auto Shop Worker=400-600 a day(Also gets money from color changes and repairs to cars)--(Can be illegal to repair bullet holes etc---Car wash is not needed if blood is on car)---100 for taillight-headlight---200 for dents---300 for bullet holes--450 for fucked up car

Gundealer=Receives all money from Legal gun sales---(Must get a shipment from the supply truck driver---Every shipment holds 10 weapons---U sell it the way u wish to make profit)---
Legal Weapons:
Combat Pistol-$2500
Heavy Pistol-$3000
SNS Pistol-$2750
Pump Action Shotgun-$5000
Sawed Off Shotgun-$4000
Other Melee-$1500
Jerry Can-$1500

$420- Underground $1500.00 + - Professional ==Boxes in either underground boxing events or professional boxing events

Construction Worker=Works at different construction sites around the city to get money(Contact me)

Bodyguard=(Variable)--(Depends on how much their trying to pay you)

Garbage Man=Contact for info--

Business Owner-- Depending on roleplay skill will determine what you can own and buy etc/ sell--msg me ingame for details


Mob Boss=None(Must get money by doing criminal activity during the roleplay--Ex. Loan Sharking,Gambling,(Drugs,guns--Need to get players to side with ur organization to have the benefits of the operations their doing that could help contribute and make yours better)---REQUIRMENT=U must have attended a Gang Land or a Roleplay Event-

Pimp=750(Show your hookers who is boss)

Hired Gun=None(Must be hired by a Mob Boss and will be payed depending how good you help out for the mob/organization)

(Max 20 Plants in one property)Weed=$500 a plant, Takes 2 days to grow---$750 pay out-- One plants last 6 days--(Smart to buy more then one!) U can also get extra money by selling it to other players for effects------(Effects= 25% off weapons-- Must eat 1 more food a day--- Acts very relaxed and happy!)---Every day a plant grows u get two bags of weed to sell-- may sell for 150-250 dollars a piece--If u have the chemist perk it turns into high grade for 250-450--(Remind u not everybody will pay full price-- If u have alot sell for cheap--(One bag of weed is used for effects lasts the whole day)

(Max 3 Meth batches in one property)Meth=$750 to mix into bathtub, Takes 1 1/2 days to make--Pay out is 1250---1 out of 3 meth batches will explode--- Highly addictive when used must be used everyday--
--(Can rob people for money more often---Does not have to obey fear factor-Does not have to see doctor after death)--Every time meth is made u receive 3 Meth--U can sell it for 75-150 a piece-- with chemist perk 150-250--( lasts one day)

(Max 10 Coca Plants in one property)Cocaine=$1000 to buy---$2000 pay out---Takes 2 1/2 days to grow the plant dies after its been picked-- U must buy again---
Cost per use-200-500------- Receive resistance to bullets--- You get full body armor and you do not have to see the doctor for any wounds received unless you die--U do not have to obey fear factor if pistol is pulled out on you
Receive two bags with every grow--Sell for 200-400 a piece with chemist perk 400-600 a piece-- lasts 1 1/2 days

Supply Truck Driver=500 a delivery +(Receives money for transporting Certain supplies such as(Cocaine Making supplies=3000 for one day(5500 for the Roleplay)---Herione Making supplies=1000---(2500 For whole Rp)----Aderol(Pills)---2500---7500 for whole RP)---


College Perk-- In order to certain jobs and get pay increases u must go to college-- These jobs are listed as followed--(Mayor--Law Enforcement Chief--Mechanic--Doctor--Pilot(Flight School) Judge- Lawyer--) I might be missing a couple but college is for one of those specific jobs only not all of them---
To do college you must wait at your home and do online classes for 12 GTA Hours every day for 2-3 Roleplays depending on your job u want to go for college-It costs 25,000--U can take fast class which costs and additional 25,000 to do it in one roleplay with a minimum of 7 ingame days.

Locksmith Perk=Can only be bought by criminals or non criminals(===10,000 dollars to learn the perk===)--This is the only way u can steal somebody car or get past a locked house door----U need this perk to use u can only make with Perk II

Locksmith Perk II= Lockspicks can be made-- Takes 1 day for one lockpick-- Use wisely -- Costs 40,000

Chemist Perk= Allows you to grow 25% faster-- costs 30,000

Chemist Perk II= Allows you to make your own drug and grow/ cook meth 50% Faster ( Does not include Coca Plants) Costs 70,000

Gundealer Illegal Perk=45000--(Once bought u keep this perk throught the roleplays)--If u have a question about shipment pricing call Airassault54----(Must be get from a supply truck driver)
Illegal Weapons:-- U get 10 weapons per shipment
AP Pistol-$22,000
Micro Smg-$17,500
Assault SMG-$19,500
Assault Shotgun-$36,000
Carbine Rifle-$25,500
Advanced Rifle-$28,000
Special Carbine-$31,000
Hunting Rifle-$25,000
Heavy Sniper-$35,000
RPG-$100,000 (2 Shots per RPG)
Combat MG-75,000
Tear Gas-Police Only--
Grenade-$20,000--(FOR 10 Grenades)
Sticky Bomb-$5000 a piece(Considered Remote Charge C4)(Only have 3 at a time in a property)


Rent--Will talked about in game ( Must be a house u can't go to.. Cant be a store-- Car Wash-- etc)

Buying- U can use a apt that u own for buying but if u get raided or robbed u have to go outside and defend ur property

All Houses will have locks on their doors so u can force entry without a breaching charge or a lockpick----

Raid=2 or more players raiding a house or apt for the benefit of receiving weapons-money-better rp items- or revenge(If u raid a house or apt u automatically receive 500 dollars per person)

Robbing of Stores and/or food places and/or properties=1000 dollar max--- may be completed individually or with another person or more(Usually not a smart idea)--(U get food from their lol)

All Players of the roleplay must sleep for 2-4 minutes in real life time atleast 2-3 times during the roleplay---This allows for players to take a break--Go to the bathroom--Get some food or drink--or whatever you have to do!!!---Players are vulnerable when sleeping during the roleplay so be careful-------

Vehicles( Prices may changed at any time )------------------(Contact IG Airassault54 to purchase more vehicles)

All vehicle prices are decided by admin--- Full upgrade Cars will cost 2-3x more the purchase price

If you do not roleplay right----1st warning=warn/money loss---2nd warning=job loss------3rd warning=1-2 RL RP Game Ban---------------------------------------------------------------

If you are really close to dieing or you know your going to lose a fight roleplay it and you might be able to get out of it if u beg for forgiveness...They may show mercy depending on character xD

Always stay in character during the roleplay if u areant trying to be in character while talking to them please say OOC(Out of Character) This will enable whatever u say cannot be used against u during the roleplay---(If somebody used this 2 their advantage this would be an example of meta-gaming.)

Character Creation Template (Below)

Xbox Live GT-

Roleplay Name-

Age and RP Age-


Criminal-Government-Civillian(Choose one)

Bio-(Make sure that the bio is atleast one paragraph long on discreption of your character and how they came to be in Los Santos)
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