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GlaD0s30 is an unknown quantity at this point
Exclamation modifying pedvariation data

my question is related to pedvariation.dat in the folder common\data

since there is no information available on internet as far i searched for this info
hope this helps a litlle bit if its corrcet but need confirmation and details
so that heavely modding gta 4 becomes a less problem although time taking.

I d like to Know> what stands the titles and details about limits and relations to other files i leave blank
pedId = name of ped relation unknown more details needed
PedVariantCount = total number of variations the the ped has (count lines) this include variations from geometry mat job and all other variants stored whithin pedvariation.dat NOTE OFTEN LEAD TO CRASH TO DESKTOP IF INCORRECT
SLOT = mesh part name before underscore for example hair_000_u become hair followed by comma = hair,
Geometry = Mesh Part Number that comes after the Underscore example hair_000_u become 0, and hair_001_u become 1, etc...
BULK = ....
JOB = if the ped has a job 3rd data in line in Peds.ide for example cop does this geometry say is on job by 1, is at rest by 0, (conjecture unknown need confirmations: if 1 of geometry has job 0 ped is at rest/ or if all geometry is on job 0 ped is at rest)
SUNNY = ....
WET = ....
MAT1 = this is Conjecture of my part need confirmation, Material Id stored in wtd file of
componentpeds.img of pre-determinded ped
hair_diff_000_a_uni = Slot _ Use _ Geometry _ mat1 _ Unknown = 0,
hair_diff_000_b_uni = Slot _ Use _ Geometry _ mat1 _ Unknown = 1,
hair_diff_000_c_uni = Slot _ Use _ Geometry _ mat1 _ Unknown = 2,

RES1A= Close Range Value of Material used Range at distance x of player of 100 to -1
RES1B= medium Range Value of Material used Range at distance x of player of 100 to -1
RES2A = Further Range Value of Material used Range at distance x of player of 100 to -1
RES2B = Farest Range Value of Material used Range at distance x of player of 100 to -1

Res variants controls the distance at wich material and stored mipmap is used while 100 represent fullscle texture a value of 1 represent lowest mipmap as for value -1 this let the pc decide which nipmap to use more often will it use the largest scale then the lowest mipmap this can be tweaked in order to reduce CTD's (AGAIN THIS IS CONJECTURE AND NEED CONFIRMATION)
AUDIO ID = CONJECTURE : pitch value aplied to audio band used in peds ide forlast data collomn stored in line again this nedd to be confirmed or desavoid range is yet unknown to me

really like some more info on subject if you guys/gals could help would appriciate
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