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Originally Posted by Lukeyy19 View Post
The total size of the map including underwater areas is 5 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption's map, if you take away the underwater areas, it's 3.5 times bigger. It's bigger than Red Dead Redmption, San Andreas, and IV put together, but the 5 times bigger figure relates to Red Dead Redemption alone.

Also the third part on the bar on the HUD after health and armor, is the special ability.
owh, Like That..

Owwhh, This Is The First Time Where GTA Protagonists Has Abilities, Well, That's Good..

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Okay -- here's a unique take on the map...

I say "unique" only because I haven't researched it on-line, so I haven't read anything else about it. But here's my thinking on the subject:

If anyone else on this forum has played L.A. Noire (and I have) then you might understand what a BIG map is really like. Now, granted -- that game felt larger for a couple of important reasons:

1. It was based on the REAL L.A. from the 1940s, and

2. You couldn't drive faster than cars back then could drive -- which probably topped out at around 40 miles per hour or so. Plus, traffic in the city was unreasonably dense at times, and as a cop, you couldn't just necessarily go flying over everything in your way without repercussions.

I'm not saying that you couldn't just go through every intersection -- you could -- but you got penalized for it.

The other thing was that, although there was a way to "free roam" the city, this was discouraged by the game structure, which was almost entirely mission-based. (Case-based, really.)

I recall, however, that the map felt absolutely GARGANTUAN. I am unsure of whether I ever saw the entire map from one end to the other while I played the game (and I sold it ages ago, so I can't go back to look at it again now). I remember looking at the expanded map on occasion in the pause menu, thinking , "my god -- I've been driving for like TEN MINUTES and I haven't even gotten HALF WAY across town yet?! Holy Christ... this map is huge..."

If this is any indication of how large this game is going to be, then we're in for one hell of a new dawn in gaming. It appears as though you'll be able to take highway trips that could last at least a couple of hours, especially if you follow traffic rules and don't just go flying down the road at 125 MPH in an Infernus.

Also, if you have played GTA IV and got into the habit of using cabs to "speed up" the game play, you may want to consider driving everywhere and driving at a normal speed. This will, undoubtedly, extend how long the game takes you to finish -- and will also probably give you the sense that the playing field is truly large.

I imagine that some of L.A. Noire's mechanics may hold over -- you could, for instance, have your partner drive (so that you could "look over your notes") and you could trip skip even on the first try of any mission. But again -- I'm hoping to treat this game as a life-simulator -- and unless I'm being chased by cops or criminals, I might try, for once, to drive in a reasonable and rational manner.

I know that I'll spark all kinds of controversy with this post, but it's something that needs to be said.

I alluded to this in the Comments section under the latest trailer on the main page here at GTA Gaming. There is a CHANCE, albeit a small one, that they might have rolled Liberty City into the game. The 8GB disk load requirement might be one tip-off. GTA-SA had the original LCIII in it as a mission, which might be another tip-off.

But even if it is "only" the map that has been disclosed, we're talking about something close to 30 miles PER SIDE of map-dom. That is about 900 Miles square -- or, to put it another way:

In order to drive around the entire map, making a complete circle, driving at 60 MPH, you'll spend at least two hours. And this assumes that you won't run into a SINGLE roadblock -- which is likely only possible if you're flying. Even flying, it will take you a bit, especially if the mechanics of take off and landing have been improved.

Real planes and helicopters aren't "instant on" vehicles. The simplest Cessnas require some pre-flight checks and engine startup. Jets take longer than they do in GTA-SA did.

We're in for an awesome time no matter what.

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