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Lightbulb GTA IV Evolution Roleplay V2 Xbox 360

This will be hosted at least twice a week!

My gamer tag:xJim Bob IIIx

Here's the website. www.insaniacgaming.forumotion.com please make your characters here
(I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put my community's website on the post please pm me if it needs to be removed Thanks)

Here's an application

Previous Roleplay Experience:
Why I Should Let You Play:

Here's everything You Need To Know to Roleplay

Welcome To Evolution Roleplay
Trust=Don’t Lie About Your Money And What You Have(If Your Searched Or Pay For Something You Don’t Have The Money For You Will Be Kicked/Banned)

Fear Factor=Fear applies to a roleplay player(If someone has a gun pointed to you or a weapon you must do whatever …You cannot pull a gun because your character is under *fear!)

Weapons Grabbing=You Cannot Grab Weapons/Armour Off The ground without purchasing them first

Random Destruction=You Cannot Go Around Liberty City Causing Chaos

NewLifeRule=When you are killed you may not take action on the person who killed you or anyone involved(You may return to work and continue in any organizations you were previously in but cannot continue on the activity you were doing at the time of your death..Ex.If you were robbing a store and was shot you may not return to the store again to rob it)

Assgunning= You Cannot Pull Any Sniper/Shotgun/Assault Rifle/RPG/Bat Or any other big weapon out UNLESS you are in your home,by your car, Or in a owned building of yours (Or your friends).(If you with to rob a store or something you may not pull the gun when you get inside the building but you must at your house or by your car)

RandomDeathmatching=Killing another player without roleplay reason. *(You Cannot KILL Someone unless they threaten your life in any way or if you have a LEGIT Reason…This applies To Government Officials too!)

Meta Gamining=You Cannot Use Anything You hear unless what you are hearing is VISIBLE To you or you are within a distance that you could hear it in REAL LIFE!

Powergaming= You Cannot use things you have against people in the roleplay if the problem originated out of the roleplay!

Raiding=You may not raid/rob someone unless you have a legit reason Like if you need money or they have done something to you in the past

Car Rule=Players May not get a health pack for there car to fix it and may not color it without paying mechanic(When the player buys the car it will be written down what car it is and what color

Each Player must Have a place to live within the first day (You may live in your car)Each player must sleep 2 real life minutes a day.Each player must eat 3 meals a day.
If a player misses work 3 times he/she will be fired and must apply for a new job
Each player starts with 7500 dollars to spend(This money starts in the bank)
If you die with cash on you you lose all the money you had on you.
Players can use the debit card and purchase anything LEGAL with it(If a player wishes to purchase anything illegal they must use cash not a card)


Police Evidence/Leading to an arrest- Guys the cops in the game r just like in real life. They will give u tickets for minor things.(When ur endangering the citizens/Ai Characters of liberty city u may get a big fine or even jail time)---It is better to get minor tickets and just pay them off an ur good to go---If u get another ticket while ur other one is pending that is automatic jail time. U usually get about 3 tickets b4 u get jail time.----

Police have a database of EVERYTHING::They can identify you using facial reconizing tech and they can look up if you have a warrant/Car license/Gun license/House
More Police Abilities---

Police need to roleplay correctly:If you pull over someone for speeding minorly you give them a small ticket and if it was extreme and dangerous you might even need to arrest them.

--------------Police Rules Of engagement/Wanted system
One Star(Officers Cannot have a Gun Drawed)
Reckless Driving
Threats/Foul Language
Unusual movement
Attempting to run (Less than 30 seconds)
Any other small thing

Two Star(Officers May draw gun and point at suspect)
Possession of a weapon

Three Star(Officers May Call Swat And May fire There Weapons)
Firing at Officers
Attempting To Run (More than 30 seconds)
Bomb threat
Attempting to cause fire
Hostage situation
Illegal weapons
Firing on Civilians

Government *Jobs-(Players may only have a government gob every other roleplay!)(Anyone in a government job cannot do any illegal activities or will be kicked

Mayor=2500 a day(Controls Liberty City and its Police Force)---Does his daily duties---(May make taxes and other laws during the rp and stay in effect until the mayor becomes deceased)----

Law Enforcement Chief=1000 a day---(In charge of Liberty City Police force)--If their is no mayor the Law Enforcement Officers would come to the Chief for warrants)(Makes 500 dollars for every legit rp arrest)

Law Enforcement Officer=750 a day (May be promoted throughout the game for being a good police officer)---(Must listen to the Chief of Police orders)---(Makes 250 dollars for every Legit RP Arrest)(If Officer has to do a SWAT Mission They get 750 dollars per mission)

Education jobs-(Players Must Attend College More These Jobs)

Lawyer=1250 a day=== Helps clients in court(1000 Dollars for every case won/250 For Every Case Lost)

Judge=2000 a day (Must Be a Lawyer For 10 Roleplays)(Gets paid 1000 Every Case)

Real Estate and Banker=Admin only----(No Money earned from this)(Sells housing and puts players money in bank)

Doctor/Paramedic=1500 a day(Can Heal players using health packs at colony island)(Players must pay 100 For a heal)May Illegally Sell Pills to DD For $50 A days supply

Civilian Jobs= (If u have a job that is not in this area u can talk 2 me privately on XBL if u are serious on pursuing this new job)---

Supply Truck Driver=550 a day--(Also receives all the money for Food,alcohal and legal gun shipments)(Requires Truck License)
A days supply of food or alchohol is $200

Taxi Driver=500 a day---(Receives money for all cab fares)(Requires License)

Food Employee=300 a day--(Receives all the money from food sales)

Bartender=350 a Day(Recieves all money from sales
Auto Shop Worker=450 a day(Also gets money from color changes and repairs to cars)

Gundealer=Receives all money from Legal gun sales(Only receives 1/2 of profit)----Glock=300---Pump action=1500----Combat Shotty=2000----Deagle=1500(Does need to pay for the merchandise to sell)--(If u buy a gun from Gundealer u automatically receive a a gun Liscense for these 4 weapons-----(Weapons Cost ¼ the price to buy from supply truck driver)
Illegal weapons may be sold too:
Body Armour:$500

Bodyguard=(Variable)--(Depends on how much their trying to pay you)
Garbage Man=2500 (Works 1 day a roleplay)


Mob Boss=None(Controls Gang/Mafia And all there actions) One person can be this at a times

Hitman:Heres the prices for the hitman
Rob Someone:$300
Demolish someones car:$500
Demoslish Someones Buisness/Home:$1000
Kill Someone(Civilian):$1750
Kill Mob Boss/Major/Government Official:$2500

Drugdealer=Money from Drugs….(Doesn’t Need Chemist Perk)
Weed:1 Day to grow(Need Cannabis seeds) ::Makes Players Bargain Better::Eat 2x For The Day:::$100 for a Days Supply
Cocaine:2 Days to grow(Need Coca Seeds)::Makes players Mad and Uncontrolable::Can snap for little things and will kill easily::1.5x Money::$300 For a days supply
Heroine:3 Days to make(Need Heroine Supplies)::Makes players Weird and feel good:layers receive Free Stuff::$500 A days supply
Meth:1 Day to make(Need Meth Supplies)::Makes players stay awake and freaky:layers cannot sleep for 3 dayslayers get addicted and earn x2 Money::$400 A days supply::Once used player must have 2 days supply every day or death(Must pay 10000 For Rehab)
Pills:Must be given from doctor::Makes players accomplish College 3x Faster:layers get addicted after 2x use:$100 per days use

Supply Truck Driver=500 a delivery +Sales
Cannabis Seeds:$25 A seed
Coca Seeds:$50 A Seed
Heroine and meth Supplies:$100 A Batch

Costs $25,000.You must go to the bottom of the majestic hotel and go there for 8 hours a day for 2 roleplays.4 hours A day for 4 roleplays.2 hours a day for 8 roleplays.(College lets you get better jobs and also you get X2 money)

Locksmith Perk=10000(Able to make lockpicks for 1000 each and break into peoples homes/Buisnesses/and steal cars)

Chemist Perk=Tier 1:$500(Can Grow Weed)Tier 2:$650(Can Grow Cocaine)Tier 3$1500(Can Make Heroine And Meth)

Playboys Pad:$25,000
Majestic Hotel Top:$75,000
Mansions In Northern Alderney:$150,000 Each
Niko's 1st Apartment:$5,000
Niko's 2nd Apartment:$7,500
Nikos 3rd Apartment:$10,00
Nikos 4th Apartment:$7,500
Crack House:$15,000
Olegs Apartment:$12,500
Apartment in Schottler:$10,000

These are the houses that are somwhat enterable.
There are other places to live you just gotta find them and speak to me you can live in non enterable buildings!
The house that are non-rentable arelayboys Pad,Majestic Hotel,Mansions In Northern Alderney.
If You wish to rent any other building it is $2,500 a RP.
You Can buy houses to rent out to other players!

Buisness list:
Burger Shot:Near Sultun Rs:17,000
Burger Shot:Near Playboys Pad:25,000
Burger Shot:Near The Golf Course:29,000
Burger Shot:In Star Junction:35,000
Burger Shot:Near Near Nikos Second Apartment:14,000
Burger Shot:Near The Triangle Club:22,000
Burger Shot:In The Bowling Alley Near Carnival:7,000 ()
Burger Shot:Near Crack House15,000(Instore
Burger Shot:Near Apartment House In Schottler15,000

Cluckin Bell:Near Dwaynes Apartment:13,000
Cluckin Bell:In Star Junction:17,000
Cluckin Bell:Near The Crack House:13,000(Instore
Pizza This:Near Sultun Rs:5,000(Delivery Food)
Mr. Fuks Rice Box:By Hospital In Alderney:45,000
SuperStar Cafe:By Turismo Store:16,000
Diner:Right Side Of Algonquin*Spelling?*:7,000
Dinereft Of Star Junction:7,000(Delivery)
SuperStar Cafe:In Star Junction:55,000(
Drusllas:South of Star Junction:7,000(Delivery)
Diner:By Nikos First Apartment:7,000(Delivery or instore
Big Bad Als:By Carnival:5,000(Delivery or Walk up)
Firefly Island BBQ:Carnival:3,500(Delivery)

Russian Shop:By Nikos First Apartment:12,500(Airassault54 Owns)---Allows u to put on masks and change clothing
Persues:By Law And Firm:40,000 (Needed for GOVT Jobs=(2500 for mayor-1500 for lawyer--1000 for judge--500 for patrol officer)Lasts the entire RP
Persues:North Of Turismo Shop:35,000
Modo:Near Playboys Plad:15,000

Internet Cafe:Near Playboys Pad:12,000(If internet cafe is bought it will make everybody have 2 pay for cellphone 2 call other players besides for Admins)
Internet Cafe:North Of Honkers:12,000
Internet Cafe:Near The Caberet Club By Nikos First Apartment:12,000
Car Wash:Top Part Of Alderny:3,000 (If somebody is killed with manslaughter can be used 2 clean off
Car Wash:By Honkers:3,000(
Car Washeft side of Algonquin:3,000
Car Washeft of the Airport:3,000
Car Wash:By Highway that leads to airport:3,000
Pay n Spray:By Alderny Hospital:5,000(Can be used 2 change ur car color)-(Its gonna cost ya)
Pay n Spray:North of Honkers:7,000
Pay n Spray:Top of Algonquin:8,000
Pay n Sprayeft Side of Algonquin:9,000(
Pay n Spray:By Caberet Club:7,500
Porn shop: hove beach: 10,000 (
Gun Store:North Of Caberet Club:10,000(Needed to sell legally)
Gun Store:In Chinetown Algonquin:10,000(Needed to Sell legally
Gun Store:North Of Honkers:10,000(Needed to Sell legally

Bars And Clubs And Activities
Honkers:Southern Alderney:86,000(
Jerkovs Cossieurs Bar:Near The Diner On The Right Side Of Algonquin*Spelling?*:18,000
Split Sideseft Of Star Junction:35,000
The Triangle Club:Right Side Of Bohan 92,000

Sieinway Beer Garden: North Dukes And Broker:20,000
Caberet Club:Near Nikos First Apartment:77,000
Comrades Bar:Across The Street From Nikos First Apartment:12,000
Club Liberty:By Playboys Pad:14,000
Memory Lanes:In The Carnival:15,000(
Memory Lanes:By Golf Courses:15,000
Homebrew Cafe:Where you drop off little jacob:10,000(
Lucky Winkleseft of Star Junction:22,000


Sprunk Factory-99,000(If bought may be in control of alchohal sales)
-Nuclear Power Plant(Industrial in alderney)-150,000(Needed for Scientist) (
Construction Site(algonquin)-90,000(Allows you 2 hire a construction site worker)
Construction Site(Bohan)-80,000()
Construction Site (Lower Alderney)-65,000
Boat(Where u start the game)-70,000(Illegal and Legal must pick up shipments hear for supply truck driver)
The carnival in firefly- 250,000
Hospitals may also be owned-(100,000 a piece)
(Dont need 2 pay if u die or injure urself--Doctor must be working to receive benefits)
Happy Island-$500,000

Revenue-U get it once u buy the property. If u have somebody work their for one day u get 2 divide the amount u bought it for by 7----U will receive that money at the end of the day. If u have somebody work in it for 2 days u divide it by 5--- 3 days / 3--- 5 u divide by 2. 7 Days u get the enitre ammount

*Car Dealers car list with prices

Civilian Cars

Blista Compact:$3500
Cavalcade FXT:$14500
Huntley Sport:$22000
PMP 600:$24000
Sabre GT:$20000

Sports/Super Cars

Super GT:$50000
Sultan rs:$125000

Bike License:500
Car License(1 RP):350 per Roleplay
Car License(Permanent):$200,You must also take a driving test with Jim
Van/Truck License:2500
Maverick License:$40,000
Annihilator(NO GUNS):$75,000---Add $40,000 For Guns
Boat License:$25,000---Tug Boats Cost $25,000 More

CarYou only pay for damage to sports and supercars)Price of your car Divided by .30 is how much you pay each roleplay for insurance.(Insurance covers all costs of the cars damage repairs and paintjobs
LifeWhen you die you do not lose all money you were carrying)$1,000 a roleplay
PropertyThis covers and property costs)$1000 a Roleplay per Property Covers 100% Of property costs.
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