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GTA IV : Rampage Edition/GTA4.5

GTA IV Rampage Edition

This is a mod/mod pack I want to put together for GTA IV & EFLC on Steam.
The mod will be based in reality, giving you more stuff to do, making it easier to die and lots more, I am also planning a storyline which is the cause of all the GTA IV games.

Update : At the moment I am thoroughly testing all the mods I have together, to find out which ones cause conflicts or crash the game.

Current Mods that work with each other and GTA IV
Loader Mods
inGameTrainer190 by Awwu/AwwYou
YAASIL ( Yet Another ASI Loader ) by HazardX
GTA IV Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 by Hazard
No Intro Logos Mod by
No Watermark Mod by
Game Play Mods
Bank Account Mod v1.2.8 by AngryAmoeba
Deadly Wrecks Mod v1.1.3 by AngryAmoeba
Real Reload Mod v1.3.2 by AngryAmoeba
Weapon Weight Mod v1.2.8 by AngryAmoeba
First Person Mod v1.22 by C06alt
Car Shop Mod v1.5 by endosan
Umbrella Mod v1.1 by endosan
Dance Taunt Roll and Slide Mod by HippieCommunist
Robbery Mod v1.0.3 by HippieCommunist
Traffic Felony Mod by HippieCommunist
Skylift Mod by Nixolas1
Assassination Mod v0.6 by odiomoratti
Businesses Mod v1 by Prof_Farnsworth
Smoking Mod v3.3 by ++++
Trunk Mod v0.1 by odiomoratti
100 More Peds by Dhatz
Traffic Load by by ikt
Nitro mod by Sjaak327 and RSchuindt
Skylift Mod by Nixolas1
SpeedometerIVv03a by oinkoink
Wanted Vehicle Mod by BR_Goianiense
Weapon Arrest Mod by BR_Goianiense
Timecyc.dat mod by Author: Pixelated & Credits: Belinda - this mod extends the view distance in the game, currently I have it set to max.

Graphics Mods
China Green Elvis ENBv5.03
Ultimate Textures V2.0
Trees Mod V1.1

Crash Mods
Crime Does Pay Mod v2 by DerDodga
Armoured Car Hijack v2 by Prof_Farnsworth
Squad Control Mod v1.3

Make Mods
Bicycle Mod ( To allow bicycles into GTA IV )
More Passengers Mod ( To allow more passengers on certain vehicles, such as pickup trucks etc.
New Businesses Mod ( Buy Businesses & properties around the city )

Current Vehicles that Work
Note : For some reason the vehicles don't seem to spawn correctly, I am forced to spawn them in a certain order to make them all spawn, however I think this may be due to lack of space for the spawn or something in the spawn area that conflicts and stops it from spawning.

Currently Vehicles must be spawned in this order ( I have found the order changes sometimes so chances are the problem with them is due to lack of space for the spawn )
skylift, elise, dodge, stratos, porsche, audi, tesla, lamborghini, ferrari, hummer, ford, jetski, ferry, vantage, viper, zonda.

This is also a list of the vehicles I have added so far, I have some more to add yet, listed below.

New Vehicles 11 new sports cars!
Lancia Stratos, Porsche 997 GT2 with Bodykit, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, Lotus Elise, Dodge Charger, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, Zonda R, Tesla Roadster Sport & the Aston Martin Vantage.
3 new vehicles for the game alongside the sports cars
Hummer H2, APC, Yusuf's Gold Car + Gold Uzi
4 new boats for the game.
Stanton Island Ferry, A Luxury Yacht, the Yacht from TBoGT ( either stationary or drivable ), A Jet ski.
3 New Helicopters for the game
Buzzard, Gold Buzzard, Skylift + Skylift mod so you can pick up cars in the streets.

None of these vehicles or mods were made by me & I do not have the author's permission to use the files as of yet, I will be searching out the authors of various mods/cars and asking for their permission to use their work in this mod/mod pack.

My initial idea was to create a mod based around the other three games, which I do have ideas for, but if that is too much work I may just make a mod pack that includes various other mods/extra content for the game.

Buy Buildings, Make Money & Use The Bank.
Buildings ( Businesses, Safehouses, Real Estate & More )
Prof_Farnsworth has asked me not to use his mod in this mod pack, so if anyone wants to help me create a new businesses mod please message me.

There is more to come, I wanted to make it possible to buy and own every building/bit of land in liberty city. ( Do not want to add all buildings as lovely as that sounds it would probably not be possible, but I would like to add apartments to all of the apartment blocks you can already travel through as well as add some new buildings with interiors if possible.

FPS View for the game - optional.
Rob the Bank & Museum - part of a mod already released, but instead of attacking the lawyers office I wanted to add the ability to buy it instead, allowing permanent access.
Car showrooms - there is already a mod to do this, but I would like to improve on it. ( Buy the showrooms + More )
A smoking mod I found online which allows your player to smoke.
Assassination mod + improvements
Squad Control + improvements ( choose what your squad looks like )
Armored Car Hijack + improvements ( make the armored car be followed by police in an orderly fashion instead of followed by gang members who are absolutely nuts )

All of these features I have already added to my game using other peoples modifications, I want to combine it into a single pack + maybe create a single player mission based around the other three games, any improvements suggested above have not been made yet.

Features I want to add!
Garages to buy! - this may not be possible for me to make, but I would like to make some of the various blocks of garages that you drive to throughout the games as properties to buy. unused garages are rented out, used garages are not and make no money.
New shaders/improved graphics pack - content already released but I have not tried any yet - looking for comments about the available files online, are they any good? do they look better? any comparison photos?
All Weapons/any other vehicles from EFLC not in GTA IV and vice versa.
The ability to slice up pedestrians/blow them to bits - may not be possible but would be good. ( also could be optional )
I also want to add the skyscraper from TBoGT to GTA IV & TLaD as well as the maisonette and other clubs/places in TBoGT/TLaD that were not originally in the game.

Comments/Suggestions/Ideas & Constructive Criticism is welcome.

As I have indicated most of these features are available through other mods, but I wish to combine it all into one pack for the game as well as adding more features/improvements to each of the mods.

If you want to help or know anyone that made any of the mods I have mentioned please let me know so I can contact them, or they can contact me.

Extra Storyline

Three buildings I have picked out to be part of the storyline. Link - http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/8083/sa...bosseshouse.png

David Rothsfeller's Office's ( the top location/image )
"NAME UNDEFINED" Safe House ( the middle image/location )
David Rothsfeller's House ( the bottom location/image )


Work for Rothsfeller, a mafia/banking family that stretches so far back into time that most people don't even know the name anymore.

Working for this family has it's advantages - huge pay packets.

Mission 1 "Propaganda" get the bridges in the city closed so that Rothsfeller can sneak his buddies in with some diamonds & drugs
Mission 2 "Diamonds & Drugs" go and meet several contacts and tell them about the diamonds and drugs coming into the city in the few days.
Mission 3 "Meet Dmitri" Meet Dmitri, as Rothsfeller says "We must work with Dmitri, he is one of the Kremlin's Gremlin's"
Mission 4 "Mix Up" Lead Dmitri into a meeting between several mob bosses (Faustin, Ray, Bulgarin & the guy in the office(newspaper))
Mission 5 "A cover" head down to the airport and pick up Yusuf Amir & his family, meanwhile the bank robbery in GTA IV/I Luv LC is taking place.
Mission 6 "Oh Brother" - meet Brucie & Moris, go do a race for them (Race from TBoGT) - you win the race, louis is second, moris is third.
Mission 7 "Skylift" - fly in a NOOSE Tank for David Rothsfeller as part of the mayors war on terror, seeing as he owns the police he wanted to inspect their equipment.

Mission 8 "" - I need to make more missions, suggest a mission if you want, please try to make it tie in with the storyline I have laid out as well as tie in with one of the missions in the other games.

Missions will be added and arranged to fit around the timelines in the other games.

These missions will effectively run around the GTA IV / TBoGT / TLaD storyline, you play as a highly paid hit man working for the Rothsfeller family who own most of Liberty City and will soon own all of it.

You will also meet Dmitri and work with him to get people on your side in selling information about diamonds and drugs coming to the city, as well as setting up false meetings with people about the diamonds, kill them, then take their money, with Dmitri you force almost every single character you work for throughout the three games to do your bidding in trying to catch Niko & Roman for the Rascalov family who is in league with the Rothsfeller family in an attempt to rule the world.

Eventually Dmitri gets killed, Niko & Roman get away and you get fed up with being sent on missions around the city to buy properties, or scare the owners into selling their properties in order to gain the Rothsfeller family control of Liberty City and you kill David Rothsfeller and his family, cut ties with the Rascalov family and gain control of liberty city for your self.

Basically I wanted to add a new LaunchGTAIVRampageEdition.exe that would load up a menu with access to four games, GTA IV ( Niko ( Character Art ), stood in the middle ) TBoGT ( Louis ( Character Art ), stood to the left of Niko ) and TLaD ( Johnny ( Character Art ), stood to the right.

Then stood behind them would be David Rothsfeller in the middle and the character you play as by his side, until you complete the game and take his place.

Once you launch TBoGT, TLaD or GTA IV through this file you would be able to choose Modified or Original, so you could play both an Original version of the game and a Modified version of the game, hopefully with seperate sets of save files, if possible.

On the modified version, once you have completed the game, you will be able to steal for example the gold chopper or gold car that yusuf owns as well as the gold uzi in yusufs car, as well as do all the extra activities and things that will be added to RE ( Rampage Edition of GTA IV ),
although I did think of calling it GREED ( Greedy Rampage Edition, Everyone's Destiny. )

P.S. I am running GTA IV on Steam, with all aforementioned mods, I will not be posting any of those mods without permission as I want to combine all files into one neat little package of extra content.

I am also looking for people to get involved and help me make a new campaign based around the entire timeline of GTA IV from just before GTA IV (Two days before it starts) and running around TBoGT and TLaD ( I was also thinking you might drive past a road block stopping you from taking that road during the bank robbery mission while picking up Yusuf Amir from the airport.

Currently I do have a few issues so I might not add all the real cars and may have to work on whatever causes the errors, tends to happen when I have spawned too many cars and messed about, but recently has just happened after I spawned one car, killed people, ran away from the cops and went out the windscreen of my car escaping the cops :p then I went to grab a drink, came back and it had crashed, however it may be because some of the mods I have installed use the same button so I cannot interact with some components of the mod properly.

Other Mods that might be included in this mod pack.

Snow ModV2.0

Username/Mod/Permission Permission to use components from other mods

Prof_Farnsworth - Armoured Car Hijacking Mod & Businesses Mod
Messaged - Reply - I may use the Armoured Car mod but I am not allowed to use the Businesses mod, thank you Prof_Farnsworth I will try and fix the Armoured Car mod to work with this pack, as well as change the convoy to police escorts, maybe find a way to change the peds to police too.

Bank Account Mod by AngryAmoeba - I am also allowed to use AngryAmoeba's other mods, thank you AngryAmoeba
Messaged - I have permission to use this mod it will be supplied as part of the mod / mod pack when it is released.

More authors will be added once I have replies from them, they have all been listed with the mods at the top of the thread.



Original GTA IV

Enhanced GTA IV

Lotus Elise + Seat Belt Warning Light & Speedometer Preview

Oooh Shiny

Currently a lot of this needs tweaking, some car's are too shiny & some of the Ultimate Textures pack sucks, but considering how many textures there were to replace they still did a good job.

+ Could someone please edit the title to include [WIP|MOD] as well as add the GTA IV icon.
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