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mod help

hey guys

just need help on something i have lots of mod on my gta and i backed up all my files and when i was looking for a phone mod i seen a windows 7 phone i downloaded it and done everything to make it work so i went to play the game and it all loads up fine but when its finished loading when you can see your player it goes on to the home scream with no errors no warning just goes off and then i played the game again and its doing it all the time will not let me play the game i need help i want to play the game but it just keeps going off i have been on like 10 website and every one said dont know so i dont know what to do really the backed up files have the phone in it not the old normal one just the one i downloaded i fucked up my gta i have like 100 mods on it and one phone mod fucks it up i need help can anyone help if you can message me plz thanks
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