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Post How to make 1000+ cop car kills using APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade mod

This is a simple step-by-step demonstration if you want my APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade mod becomes so much fun.

Before following my steps, here are the requirements.

EFLC Version or, Simple Native Trainer installed in your EFLC, and APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade by Naruto 607 installed.

You can download APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade mod at this link:
then install it according to the Readme file. Pick version 3 when installing (this replaces original TBoGT WeaponInfo.xml and explosionFx.dat file in your TBoGT Data directory). Make sure that you have the backup one before doing so.

Once installed, run EFLC and pick TBoGT. Wait for the gameplay to show on your screen. Once the gameplay shown on your screen, let's begin with these steps.

First of all, access the SNT Menu by pressing F3 button on the keyboard. Choose the Options menu by pressing NumPad 5 and enable Always/Special God Mode (pick one), Car God Mode, and Clock.
Car God Mode is essential for this step. If this is disabled, the APC will caught explosion and burned the engine when fired at close range or when ramming to the almost exploding cars. Clock is also essential because we are about to sync the system time later after this step. It is intended to show you how long you play the game. If you want an alternative way of this, you can get the Timer up and running in SNT, but enable ONLY WHEN YOU ENTERED THE APC.

Second, return to SNT main menu, select Time, and enable System Time Sync.

If you have completed the story, then you have an access to replay the mission via the in-game phone. By this way, choose the mission "Caught with your Pants Down", where this mission involves the APC running on the streets.

After that, wait for the mission to play. You will soon teleported to Yusuf's mansion front door and later received a call. When the phone speech is complete, with SNT, choose the Mission Help and select "Teleport to the Valid Destination Marker" and enter the marker. You will then enter a chopper and another marker will appear. If so, select "Teleport to the Valid Destination Marker" again, and Luis will automatically transfer himself into the sniping position with Yusuf riding the helicopter at stable stance.

Do the mission regularly after the last step UNTIL you are instructed to enter the APC. Don't fail the mission or you will repeat the steps again.

Next, when you are instructed to enter the APC, go to the Options menu with SNT, choose the Set/Freeze Wanted Level, scroll to Number 6 when selected and press NumPad 5 to activate it. An instant 6-star wanted level will be added.
Optionally, you can activate the Timer in SNT to see how long you played the mission or at the time you entered the APC.

You are now good to go. Now, to make 1000+ cop car kills, you must REMAIN UNDER THE APC AND ATTACK THE APPROACHING COP CARS for one hour, not one in-game hour.
If you wish, you can duplicate your time to two hours at maximum (for safety of your eyes). You will then able to create more than 1000 cop car kills.

When the timer reaches one hour or two hours, or you are at the designated time, e.g. start from 12 o'clock and end at 2 o'clock (without game pausing), disable Set/Freeze Wanted Level in SNT and finish off the remaining or approaching cop cars with your APC until you have no wanted level.

After that, you can safely deliver the APC to the building site to the southern part of Algonquin to finish the mission.

Finally, voila! You have created more than 1000 cop car kills!

This step-by-step instruction must done WITHOUT phone call cheats (in order to view back the details later at the Pause menu). Anyway, this mission must run offline, and 100% guaranteed, this will bring some retarded fun in TBoGT.

You can post me any suggestion to improve this thread, but please remember the rules available in this forum. Have a nice day.
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