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OK, so i have a really cool new idea. I've recently started adding extra (not replacing) vehicles into the game, and a few times i've added a car that is a tuned version of one i already have, and added the ext_rare tag to it.. so its kinda like a rare tuned version... eg i have a mercedes and the amg version.. bmw and the haman version etc

MY IDEA: seeing as theres lots of these car mods kicking around and i was thinking of making a mod whereby you would go to brucies garage with a certain car.. eg a sultan and you would pay so much money and it would give you a sultanrs... so thus 'tuning' the car.. even ho its just swapping the model. so the script would check the car name, destroy it, take x amount of money and spawn the new car... i get the idea but i'm no good at coding.. i can read basic bits etc but not create a script really from scratch without some help... could someone please help me with this?

I think this mod would be pretty impressive.. hey it could even turn into a huge overhaull and come with its own IMG file of these extra modded vehicles..

Any help is much appreciated.
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