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Cop Clan - Fulltime Crooks. PS3

Got a few buddies like me who have been rockin our own cop clan since release date
we didnt even know cop clans existed as they do until we bumped into one in our own private game.

Anyways too say the least we never played like any cop clan ive seen since, no ridiculous rules or people without head sets...there was never immature kids shooting each other after 5 minutes because they have the attention-span of a poodle.It was legit, cop chases with no shots fired until fired at or put in danger yada yada...we never shot to kill but to have long drawn out gun fights (its more fun if its not over in 3 seconds) set up road blocks - always had air support....it was awesome until the kids without mics came along.

we got sick of playing with these other clans but found only having 3-4 people on wasn't enough so we stopped....now we play against cop clans as full time crooks.

We are looking for a legit and mature cop clan that plays in FREE ROAM MULTILAYER -
Blips - Near
Rit health - OFF
Name tag - OFF

We would keep our teams muted of course....but if you want to set up a little fake robbery gone bad scenario were always down....like we have a convoy and tip you off but you only have until a certain area to get us....or anything like that

you do your thing and we'll just be around either speeding, hustling, robbing - causing a ruckus ...whatever - but we play along......we'l let you pull us over and give us a ticket...or maybe arrest us and take us to prison - whatever.......maybe we might just try and get away - run for a buddy whose waiting in a heli and a crazy gun fight breaks out at the get away.....who knows.......

We dont shoot to kill (not right away anyways) and we would expect the same
we dont use rockets, grenades, tanks, explosive crap - just the practical guns

and we would expect the same (its cheap as hell and fake with rpg's and explosive sniper rounds anyways)

So add me on my crooks account


on pretty much all the time....(yeah I know.....)

cant imagine ill be back so add me or dont.....
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