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(not so) Fatal Error?

I've been getting an interesting phenomenon. I've got a few mods installed, a couple new player skins, cars, trainer, and, the most recent one, the maple valley raceway. http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/maple-...raceway-f12879

So, since installing the raceway, I've been getting a "fatal error" message, but after I close the game. The game seems to work fine, nothing out of the ordinary. I can save and load my games, I can go do stuff, I can drive around the city, and on the raceway. But every time since installing the raceway, when I quit the game, I get the fatal error message after the game closes, and the gtaiv process continues running until I kill it in the task manager. Like I said, the game seems to work fine, it just gives me this error message after closing, and doesn't end it's own process like it should. Not exactly game-killing, but weird. Any ideas?
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