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Exclamation Issues with GTAIV-aud

It may not be a very critical issue but it's really annoying at least.
I downloaded a weapon soundpack which included real gunsounds. And a weapon handling mod which makes weapons more closer to their real counterparts with added damage, distance and most of all; a bigger rate of fire for the automatic weapons. The problem occurs with the sound for the M4 which has a quite long sound-file due to the echo, which causes the sound of the weapon to fail after circa 15 rounds fired full auto.

So I decide to fix this by using Power Sound Editor to cut a part of the sound file and then fade out the ending. Once I was ready to import the tweaked files in to the WEAPONS.ivaud file the program (GTAIV-Aud) slaps me in the face and claims that the file is not a valid PCM audio file.

After some reading the internets I find out that .wav files codex is by default PCM or Light-PCM, I even check the audio files with foobar2000 and yes indeed they have the PCM codex.

This feels quite enraging.
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