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Exclamation "quad" type possibly still exists in GTA4

Hey guys,

I'm posting this here because I think I found something. It appears that the "quad" vehicle type still exists in GTA4, but with handling similar to cars, so it appears that the type was abandoned early in development. How do I know? If you download, let's say, the Yamaha Y660R from GTAinside, which replaces the NRG900, then by default, if you don't edit vehicles.ide, it handles identically to the NRG.

However, before I downloaded the Y660R, I read some comments that said that it handled too much like a bike. So, instead of replacing the NRG (which I quite like) with it, I decided to simply add it to the game as a separate vehicle. When I was creating a custom string for it in vehicles.ide, I decided to try and change the type from "bike" to "car." The game loaded fine, but when I spawned it using the Simple Native Trainer, the wheels had about the longitudinal wheelbase of an Infernus, and the rears were poking through the ground! So I quit the game and changed the type back to "bike." When I spawned it again, the quad appeared as it should have, but since I ha used the Sanchez' handling string, its handling was a bit wonky.

So I quit the game again, went online and got a copy of the vehicles.ide file from GTA:SA, and, poking around in that file, I saw that SA's Quadbike's vehicle type was "quad." I then changed the Y660R's type to "quad," hoping that maybe the "quad" type was some sort of hidden type that had simply not been included in any of the game's vehicles, half-expecting it to crash my game. Instead of crashing, it loaded perfectly, and when I spawned the Y660R, it had the same problems as when I changed the type to "car"!

Now, I may be wrong; there may simply be a fail-safe in place to make sure that all vehicles with invalid types handle like cars. However, I'm of the opinion that the "quad" type was initially intended to be used for vehicles in the game, but was abandoned early in development in order to make it more realistic (much like flyable planes were). I don't know which file determines what specific properties vehicle classes have, but I'm sure that a line/section for "quad" exists within that file, and if not, that it can be easily added. Either way, I'm off to try my hand at playing with the Y660R's handling string to make it more quad-like.

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