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CPU or GPU bottleneck?

I'm having a bit of an issue at the moment running GTA 4 maxed out with Icenhancer 1.25, and I was wondering if someone here could help me pinpoint the issue (though, I already suspect that it's my GPU).

Relevant system specs:

Phenom x4 965 BE @ 4ghz
Asus Radeon 5870 1gb VRAM @ stock
8gb DDR3 1600 RAM
Win 7 Pro 64 bit

I'm currently running at max settings, 30/70/50 sliders @ 1920x1080 with 20fps. If I turn off my shadows completely, I get playable frame rates of 30-50. Anything else makes little to no difference (<3 fps difference). As well, if I turn shadows from low to very high, I also see no difference. The only time I get a noticeable gain is when I go from turning shadows off completely, to on on any setting.

I'll be receiving a second 5870 next Friday, which I was going to get for a crossfire setup regardless of how GTA turns out, but I'm wondering if that will fix things here?
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