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Need major help getting set up

TL;DR - How do I bypass the "unsupported versions" file check thing in 1.0.7?

Alright, this might be a bit windy, so bear with me.

I'm not sure on this forum's stance on cracking a game, but that's what the main issue revolves around. Me and a roommate are both trying to get the game installed, and we don't want to keep swapping discs around. Anyways, so I installed, patched to 1.0.7, cracked, and things ran alright. So then I decided I wanted a few mods, namely RealismIV and a vehicle pack. After installing those, I got an error message whenever I tried booting claiming that it only supported up to 1.0.4.

So I reinstalled, patched to 1.0.4, cracked it, and now, since the Social Club has to be opened and relaunch the game itself, I lose the "-norestrictions -nomemrestrict" tag and I can't put the graphics to a point that my machine can indeed handle. (On a side note, my god do I HATE all these stupid-ass launcher/manager/advertisement/PoS programs and the stupid graphics limiter... as if computers ever knew what was best for them. /rant.)

Anyways, my main issue is whether you guys can help me out in getting the game and the mods working with max graphics. I don't care what patch I'm on, so the options I see are going to 1.0.7 which let's me uninstall Social Club and max my graphics, or figuring out the parameters through a cracked 1.0.4 version. It seems easier to just bypass the "unsupported versions" thing in 1.0.7 since it was all working before then, unless that really isn't possible.

Anyways, thanks for reading and any answers you guys can provide are greatly appreciated.
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u need the 1.0.7 crack by Razor just go on youtube and find it, just instal lGTA IV on one computer then install it on the other one but dont play or do the serial check then put the crack in the folder of the directory and repace it THEN PLAY
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