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How do i install the fuel mod?

i have the xliveless xlive.dll and scripthook.dll in my gta 4 folder. i also have my fuel mod files in there. when i play the game, it won't work. my gta 4 is version
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I'm having the same problem, and my version is also I have tried several other scriphook versions and other asi loaders and such. Nothing works. I read in the readme that comes with GangstaKilla's fuel mod that it only works with version The only gta iv version I've got to run so far with the scripthook and such in the folder is . I have tried all the other versions, excepting because I had tried through already and none of them worked. All the other versions I had tried had crashed about a second after the screen changed to the black Loading - screen with the windows 7 Error message reading "Grand Theft Auto IV has stopped responding". is the first version I had gotten to work while modded and a lot of the mods I had intended on using didn't work. The trainer and O!nkO!nk's SpeedoIV are the only mods that worked. The Fuel Mod is the reason I went through all the hassle of learning how to do all the crap to mod the game. Quite fankly I am angry that I cannot get the fuel mod to work and would REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me (and anyone else with this issue) get this to work. Thank you A MILLION to anyone willing to offer a helping hand.

@heartog Have you tried any other versions modded? I have tried all but and any above and I would really like to know how to get them working with mods, if you can help me. Thanks a bunch.

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