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[REl] Police Pursuit Mod

Latest Version: 7.5d
Latest [X] Version: 7.5c[x]


Developer Blog http://www.policemod.com/iv/

Download Latest Non-[X] Version: Download Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d

Download Latest [X] Version: http://www.policemod.com/ccount/click.php?id=19

Hello guys, just wanted to share my mod with you guys.

This mod allows players to take on the role as a Police Officer conducting police pursuits. The mod focuses on police pursuits mainly at this time because I love police chases and so I decided to create a mod that suits my needs instead of using other peoples mods that only achieve half of my goal. Apon creating it I was told others others may benefit from it so here it is... Please keep in mind this mod is at beta stage. It has been tested on patches from to and works fine! Please reports bugs to author email or website thanks! (Current version: 4.0 beta)

Any new developments or changes will be posted on the mods homesite. http://www.policemod.com Moderators if by posting this link I have violated any rules remove the link and/or post if you must.

Feature list:
  • Customizable configuration file to allow you to bind whatever keys you prefer.
  • Full 'police officer' experience, including full police officer uniform, police hat and a standard police officer firearm.
  • Ability to spawn a police vehicle at your location on-request.
  • Ability to repair your vehicle if you suffer damage and don't want to loose the vehicle or have to hunt around for another.
  • Ability to call for police backup wherever whenever.
  • Experience long, fun and sometimes challenging chases all over Liberty City.
  • Call-outs to criminal offences ranging from the minor traffic light runner or vehicle theft to a man carrying a rocket launcher.
  • Real police IV voices and phrases added to you so that when you encounter a certain event it will say one of these phrases.
  • Police officers will NOT attack or hurt you under any circumstance - they're your friend
  • Some criminals can be intimidated by your presence and may pull over allowing for an easy arrest.
  • Experience intense shoot-outs with gangs trying to overtake the city.
  • And much much more to come!

  • Download the mod from the link above!
  • Double click on the Police Pursuit Mod.exe file to start the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts as and when required. Ensure the path to your GTA IV is correct.
  • Once installed, start GTA IV as you would normally. If the installation was done correctly you will be prompted with a box saying "You have successfully installed Police Pursuit Mod...".
  • Once ingame, Press numpad 0 to go "on duty" and start being a police officer.
  • [Q] How do I install the mod?
    [A] Read the 'Installation' section above ^

    [Q] What should I do if I find a bug?
    [A] If you find a bug within the mod, report this directly to the developer blog website. ( http://www.policemod.com). Please check the developer blog website BEFORE posting a bug report as chances are, someone may have already reported it.

    [Q] What should I do if I see the messages in-game but when I press numpad 0, nothing happens?
    [A] It's quite common for people to have the numpad turned ON by default. However, some computers don't have this turned ON by default in which case you would need to do that manually by pressing the "Num lock" button. If it still doesn't work and you DO see the mod messages at the start of the game then some other mod is also using the numpad 0 button and its conflicting or your numpad 0 button is broken.

    [Q] Can I download the source code to your mod?
    [A] No.

    [Q] If I have an idea that I think would improve the mod, what should I do?
    [A] The best way to get your suggestion/idea to developer(s) is via the Developer website shown above. Developer(s) read that site on a daily basis and will respond to any questions you have, aswell as make notes of all your ideas and suggestions. We cannot guaruntee that all ideas/suggestions will be in the next release (or any version in the future) but we can guaruntee that all ideas/suggestions are considered.

    [Q] Is 'Police Pursuit Mod' compatible with all other mods?
    [A] Impossible to say. I do not use any other coded mods like these besides my own so in theory this mod SHOULD be compatible with most mods. The only time our mod won't be compatible with another mod is if that mod is using the same keys as ours. It has been reported that the following mods cause crashes and or undesired effects when using our mod:

    * Simple Native Trainer
    * ELS
Current Developers:
  • NeO_Anderson / Anderson

Some videos:

Police Pursuit Mod 7.5c Beta - Demo

'Lights Only' mode (Included in beta 4.0 and onwards)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oL-sasn4VY Little pursuit to demonstrate some of the early stages of the mod.
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