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IV "Machini-mod" Issues - Help is Appreciated


Thanks for reading this guys, by the way.

I am an avid machinimator, always have been, and when I saw the awesome Video Editor that ships with the PC version of GTA IV, I went and bought a copy straight away.

I've been playing through the singleplayer campaign a bit, but what I love playing with is the Video Editor function. First I filmed a car chase turned explosion. You can see that, if you wish, here:

Second I filmed a police chase on foot, sort of a parkour thing, when something unexpected (and awesome) happened. See that, cos you know you want to, here:

Anyways, back on topic. I checked out some videos on machinimating, and they instructed me to download the Player Selector and Simple (Native) Trainer mods, both of which where downloaded right here.

So I followed the installation instructions as noted in the Readme's of said mods, and all went well.. I think. Obviously I hadn't used an AsiLoader or whatnot. So I proceeded to grab VIAsiLoader, from this very site.

That didn't work, so I removed it and tried xliveless, which succeeded in removing GFW Live but failed in allowing my mods to work. Sad face.

So I removed xlivless, and the mods, feeling extremely depressed.

I would really like to get this working, so if anybody could tell me what to do, in terms of which AsiLoader to get (I'd like to keep GFW Live if possible, it just makes my life easier. Haha.) and how to install it, then how to install the other mods correctly.

Anyway, thankyou for your help in advance, it is greatly appreciated.
ieatclowns: Roleplayer, PC Gamer, Machinimator

Note: Please PM me if you are interested in voice acting in a machinima project of mine. I use GTA IV predominantely. Age or gender is not of matter either, I need all manner of voices. Thanks.

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