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Unhappy Custom Cars?

Hello chaps, first post here

So, here's what's grating on me man nipples:

I recently and suddenly got bored by the GTA4 cars when I saw a sweet Porsche 911 GT2 replacement for the comet. Doing all the works with SparkIV and the trusty Notepad, I added that in...Obviously, more cars got replaced. But then I started getting that taxi bug, where you get alot of taxis and crappy cars on the roads, and almost no modded cars.

I tried replacing the vehicles.ide with the original, unedited one, no major change. I started seeing Feltzers, and a number of mod cars. But no change whatsoever with the FXT or the Contender. No Blistas, either.

So I went online and got xliveless v0.999b7, as well as the traffic mod. Surely enough, I started getting Blistas and more of the other mods, but the game would not load my savegames. I did move them, to the

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames folder

but that didn't seem to work. Note: I'm using Win7 X64 Ultimate, and GTAIV

So yeah, that's what grates my mammary glands. I want less rows of 20 Futos and more of all cars. But I have to restart the story, which is what annoys me because I restarted the story in the first place due to a bonked savegame. Maybe I didn't place the saves right or something - in which case I'm a moron - or there's something not going on smoothly.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

======================== U P D A T E =============================

Nevermind the saves part. Fixed that. Turns out it saved right inside the GTA IV folder, not in savegames/...

So I moved the saves there, started GTA4, and... nothing changed. I tried using the Real Traffic 1.2, TCS, and none worked. After doing some research online, it seems I am faced with a memory conservation bug.

What happens is that the game notices that some models are bigger than usual (ex: 2-4 MB instead of the usual ~800KB) and it prevents them from spawning in traffic, to conserve memory. Mission-related cars, such as Brucie's wanted rides, still appear. Why, I don't understand. My system specs exceed the recommended specs - I run GTA4 at max settings on 1650x1080 with very little lag whatsoever. I have never had blank textures, nor any other problems that would signal a lack of memory.

Turns out there's nothing for that can stop the invasion of Mexican and Middle Eastern drivers that has choked the streets of Liberty City like a big, yellow clot in someone's arteries. Somebody mentioned something about, but it wasn't very clear.

Anyone here has any ideas or advice?
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