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GTA IV IRL Handling Mod

GTA IV IRL Handling Mod


(Version 1.0: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2 | Youtube VIDEO)
(Version 1.1: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2)
Changes in version 1.1:
- Fixed the tipping over to a point where some cars imo tip over pretty realistically
- Changed steeringlock, traction values, suspension values, mass values etc.
- Started modding the NRG900.
(Version 1.2: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2)
Changes in version 1.2:
- Fine tuned almost every modified value
- Biggest change probably the new engine "characteristics", the cars accelerate more accurately&responsively now
(Version 1.3: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2)
- Getting closer to the final version regarding the cars, imo.
Changes in version 1.3:
- Tested several cars and fixed them if they tipped over too easily
- Suspension changed, gives a bit better handling and acts more like irl
- Fine tuned even more
(Version 1.4: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2)
Changes in version 1.4:
- Now withlow-speed, normal-speed and high-speed versions! High-speed being the original speed like in the earlier versions. Just remember to rename the handling file you want to use to plain "handling.dat". Choose according to your taste of speed
- Several values modified
- Traction
- Reduced speed of the slower cars

This mod started as "just testing some settings here in handling.dat" but turned out into modding all vehicles and using excel as a tool for that, and the goal was to get a better game experience with more real life -like handling.
It's still a bit of a Work In Progress but it's far more better than the original handling.dat imo

Acceleration, traction, suspension, handling flags, drag, braking, mass etc. values have been changed in this mod.

All cars have been modded, some of the bikes too (not too great achievements there though) . Helicopters and boats have not been modified

To be able to play the game with the modified handling.dat or any other modified game file you need to apply aru's File Modding Ability Patch (http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/tools/1816)
After that replace the handling.dat file in Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data with the one included in the zip. If something goes wrong i have also the original handlin.dat in the package.

I have also included the excel file in the package, feel free to improve it or just play with the settings!
Just copy&paste the values from the excel file to the handling.dat file, after that check that there is no empty spaces between the lines and all the non-handling-data lines start with " ; ".

Give suggestions and report possible bugs/bad handling etc. and the mod will progress faster, thank you
Have fun gaming and modding!

- Viba

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Thank you!

I must say, I was never a fan of GTA4, something felt off. As other people have stated online, the game left some of the outlandish "fun" of the past 3 games behind for a more realistic and down-to-earth experience. But this was only a small part of the problem.

The biggest issue I had with GTA 4 was the car handling. Every car felt like the tires were coated in a thick mixture of butter and WD-40.

However, with this mod file you made, it feels almost identical to the GTA 3-series of games. You've made it fun for me again! WOOHOO!

I don't know if you're still working on it, but so far it feels near-perfect. Great job!
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