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Car Mods Problem

When I install a new car it doesn't appear in game, I keep looking and looking but I never see any car that I installed, not even the original one.
Does anybody know how to fix this?
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It helps to know just what car you replaced vs what you replaced it with. For example, if you replaced the Infernus with another car, you are not likely to see in it Los Santos, but more likely in San Fierro, or even more likely, in Las Venturas. Be sure you know what car you replaced and then find it in an appropriate place. The best test of a car mod is to store the car you intend to replace in a known garage, and then checking that garage after you have installed the mod. That way you have a guaranteed instance of that car and know where to find it.

If you are changing the Infernus, for example, jack that car (or spawn it before you mod), and save it in a garage. Exit the game and do the mod, then upon entering the game, go to that garage and see that the *Infernus* you changed has actually changed to the car you replaced it with. If not, the mod either replaced a different car, or didn't work. If this method doesn't work, undo the mod and double-check which car this replaces (if you can, because so many idiots post car mods but won't take the time to even say what the car replaces). Great models, but not the least bit of effort to say what car they replaced.

Let's make a statement: If you don't say what car it replaces, we won't download it. I encourage all to contact their favorite site admins and demand that the specification "replaces (X) car" be added to their site, and required for the submission of car mods. I will not download any car mod that does not say which car it replaces, and if I do otherwise, I do not recognize the rights of the author as they have not made clear as to how anyone uses the file, making it public-domain.

Little-known fact: If you make a mod, and specify what part of the game it replaces, it's yours, but if you make the same mod and give no details, it's open-season on your mod and you have no say, because you released only the file, and no details. This is not to say that an attempt in securing such rights via a text-file means anything, but in the honor-system, it works. Submit a mod without any details, and it's no longer yours. Simple as that, so don't gripe when someone rips your mod when you had no such time to even mention what car it replaces. Your omission of details has waived your rights to intellectual property. Just an FYI to the lot of you in consideration of the mods you are making.
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Hes talking about gta 4, just get a trainer on and spawn the car you changed it for, you will soon find out if it worked or not
im a complete noob at mods but i managed to get the car mods working
edit: if its an infernus or a sultan rs you changed then you are most likely not going to see it on the roads as the sultan rs can only be found in one place and for the infernus the only one u get is from bernie and they only seem to appear when your driving that certain car so install a trainer and just spawn the car your after

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