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I've been trying to sort out this error. I've Installed GTAIV, downloaded the magic patcher( i wasnt sure what version of GTA gets installed) and tried to run the the "magic.bat" but it said "access denied". I then downloaded sobeits file modding and patched the filespak file. Downloaded ultimate car pack, some clothing mods, the 2011 taurus police and the trailblazer police. also downloaded the 100%complete gamesave and xliveless xlive.dll. installed all mods and save game and GTA would not start. So i downlaoded the GTAIV 1.0.2 patch as stated in the magic patchers readme.Now the game starts and i too get the Fatal SMPA60 error. So now i went back and removed all cars from safehouses and saved. now GTAIV was working for hours. Now, i got the SMPA60 fatal error when i died in a shootout with police in Romans apartment.

@considerabe maybe only rockstar has the right to distribute or redistribute the original gamefiles?

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Original Cars


There you go, a link to a file that you can download that replaces all the mods to the original ones so that you can start over!

This is where you put the file-> X/rogram Files (86)/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages

or if you, like me, have the game on Steam, follow these instead:

X/rogram Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\pc\models\cdimages

Just copy and replace the file and if done correctly, all the cars should go back to normal!
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Exclamation WTF??????

GUYS i dont havea ny car mod i only have script mods like iron man iv... thats all i have the head replaced wid tony stark head...... thats alll.... i still dont know why i get smpa60 error in MP..... yes not in SP but in MP if someone has car mods.... MY GAME CRASHES!!! PLZ HELP!!! I STARTED NEW Game....... did 1 st misson and play MP When i crashed ..... i went again to the mp ggame and asked who has car mods... 2 people said they had they didnt crash... but why me! plz guys help!
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Originally Posted by Toni_Ryan View Post
Hi guys. I've been reading and I just realized I forgot to backup my infernus. Now its killing the sh*t outta my save game. I need a back-up, can anyone attach it to a reply?

this link works and i have been using it. u can install and restore without even backing up
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