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How to use Avatars and Signatures

This thread is set up for (mostly) the newer members, just to help you guys out with using signatures and avatars. This thread will explain everything you need to know in order to use an avatar or signature (shortened: sig)

let's start with the easiest part, the

First of all, get yourself a nice image that you like you use as an avatar. Make sure you resize it to 70 by 70 pixels, otherwise you aren't able to upload it on edgeforums.net.
Resizing images isn't hard, you can do it with every image program, even MSpaint.
You also have to notice the file size, it can't be bigger than 25000 bytes, if it's more.. then too bad, you can't use it. Saving images as .jpeg , .gif or .png always helps to reduce the file size, so make sure it's saved in one of those formats.

Once you have your avatar all done, go to the forums, and click on the button, that will lead you to your User Controll Panel.
Click on 'Edit Options', and scroll down a bit, untill you see the Avatar settings on the bottom. As you look to the right, there's a 'Change Avatar' button, click it.
Now, you can either choose an available avatar that's already uploaded on the site, or upload your custom avatar. We're going for the custom avatar, ofcourse.
scroll down a little bit, and there's a 'Browse' button, click it and select your saved avatar. Once you've found it and clicked on 'Open', click on 'Submit Modifications' to finish the process.
You're avatar is now uploaded and done, everyone can now see it under your username at all your posts.
that wasn't that hard, was it

this might be a little harder, using signatures.

firsts off all again, the signature size limit is 450 pixels wide and 150 pixels high. anything bigger then this size will gain your a warning point, as it's set in the rules. Also, make sure that you saved .jpeg , .gif or .png again, since it reduces the file size alot.
so.. the signature. Once you're done creating your signature and you've saved it, you need to upload it somewhere. some random sites that upload images for free are imagetown picturetrail imageshack and photobucket. There are more, see which one you like.
Uploading isn't hard, it's the same as uploading your avatar on this site. Every site has a slight differend uploading system, but they all end up to be the same so it shouldn't be a problem to upload your signature.
Once you've uploaded it, Copy and paste the URL of the image. this can be done by right-clicking on the image itself. Go to 'Properties' and copy the URL that has been given. (it says 'Location' for Mozilla users)
Once you've copied the URL, go to edgeforums.net and click on the
button again. It leads to your User Controll Panel (in case you haven't read the Avatar part). Click on 'Edit Profile'. Scroll down a bit, and there's a box with 'Signature' written at the left side. Paste the URL of your signature in that box, and add [img] tags. I'll explain how to use them..

let's pretend that this is the signature you want to use: the URL for this image is this:


In order to see the image without seeing the URL, you need to place it between image tags which can be done like this (copy and paste the upcoming URL with [img] tags to see the image)

if you change the URL that between these image tags with the URL of your signature, then you can see it pretty easy huh.

place the URL of your signature with [img] tags in the signature box, and click on 'Submit Modifications' on the bottom.

*note: don't forget to enter your password on top of the 'Edit Profile' menu, otherwise you can't change anything, so you can't change your signature aswell.

Now, you're signature is ready for everone to be seen, under all of your posts.

I really hope this helps you guys out, if you don't know how to do it. If there's still questions, post them here, otherwise, don't ruin this thread with posts like 'oh man that's aload of text you got there' and stuff. It took me 30 minutes to write this so keep this thread clean alright

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