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Voice Actor Anyone?

Hi all, I have been downloading mods for various pc games (total war series, freelancer and of course Grand Theft Auto to name but a few) for over 10 years, I have dabbled in a bit of scripting with most of my games, but, guys who ACTUALLY write script would probably disagree!


I just thought of a way I can give something back to the modding community after *shamefully* hardly ever even rating most of the mods I have made use of over the years.

I have been told that I do good accents and voices after some experience of stage acting and script writing and would like to offer my services to anyone interested...?

I am a 34 year old English man from London and can do...

Script Writing and editing, give me the details of missions / interactions or synopsis and see what I can come up winth...

from UK ; 'Elderly distinguished gentleman' through 'Newsreader' to 'cocky cockney boy'
other regions ; Scotland, northern and southern Ireland, Devon, Birmingham, Yorkshire and Liverpool.)

From Europe ; French, German, Dutch and Italian accent only, I don't speak the languages.

I can do a better american accent than Jason Statham even though I have never been there!
From the U.S.A ; a southern Texas style a northern New York style and an Action Movie Announcer - Exploding Onto A Game Modification Near You!

I can also do a good impression of Jacob

I am living in South Africa now and have added a 'South African Surfer Dude' and South African Farmer "or Boer" to my repartee

Voice Styles ; From Animated like Brucie's coke-head Life coach Troy, to dead-pan like Late Kate's Alcoholic Uncle Murphey from Belfast, including Johnny's friend Leo the biker assasin and Francesco Santiago (aka. St. Francesco) Gay Tony's European lover Who is Desparate to get to San Andreas!

inbox me if interested...
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