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*North Yankton is based on North Dakota near the Canadian Border. North Yankton is not in Canada itself (common mistake/confusion)
*You can't take Snapmatic pictures in North Yankton
*There are three different snowy emitter text files
*The "North" on the North Yankton minimap is pointed in the opposite direction than the menu map is placed, meaning the legit map would be placed like this.
*Also discovered by WildBrick142, North Yankton has it's own Snapmatic tag
*North Yankton has nine vehicles made specifically for the map - (Police Esperanto, Police Rancher XL, Rancher XL, Sadler, Asea, Emperor, Stockade (Bobcat Security livery) and a Snowy Burritto) ; license plate pattern is XX000000 (All vehicles spawn with LS pattern; 00XXX000) ; Sadlers can spawn with trailers, all of which are non-snowy ; trains spawn ; silo ladders cannot be climbed (however, train signal ladders can be) ; fences & lamps cannot be destroyed ; all the trees have no collision ; train tracks and side roads "dissolve" in the snow ; at the end of the city, there is a fake image of a real city, along with a car path made for cars to do a U-turn at the end
*Ludendorff has a population of 918.
*Ludendorff has it's own Lifeinvader page in GTA 5, which is accessible VIA Trevor's lifeinvader page.
*After searching through files, North Yankton is NOT an interior

*NYSP Esperanto
*NYSP Rancher XL
*Rancher XL
*Securicar in "Bobcat Security" livery
*Lawnmower (New Variant?)
*Skimobiles & Bobsleighs (Found in Max Payne 3 game files. Not available in V, but they could've been used in a cut North Yankton mission)

*Brass Knuckles
*MP40 submachine gun
*ACR rifle
*Galil rifle
*AR-50 Rifle
*Carcano Rifle
*Sixshoot (possible revolver?)
*Escopeta (Escopeta shotgun?)
*Bear trap (Explosive)
*Heat seeking rocket launcher
*Thompson submachine gun
*M2 Browning
*Red Dot (weapon attatchment)

*Niko Bellic - confirmed protagonist. Has depression special ability. I sh*t you not
*Michael De Santa - Protagonist
*Rick Chance - confirmed protagonist, makes counterfeit cash
*Roman Bellic - Found in some code can be killed (optional)
*Henry - Found in some code, deals spank to homeless dudes
*Jessica - Found in some code, prostitute
*Luis - Found in some code. Dead.
*Eric - Lost biker. Old friend of Johnny.
*Gay Tony - Tony is Gay Tony. Kills Roman Bellic (optional)
*Bruce - Possible antagonist
*Gracie - Annoying italian bitch
*Carlon Hill - Black friend of Rick
*Unnamed IAA agent
*Johnny Klebitz - He is dead, but he appears during one of Eric's drug trips.
*Gunnut - Possibly the same from IV.
*DJ Pubec - Foreign DJ

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