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Polygon interviews Dan Houser on GTA V's character switching

Gaming news source Polygon has published an interview with Rockstar's co-founder and vice president of creativity Dan Houser on "Grand Theft Auto V, metaphysics and the power of three." In the article, Polygon details their experience playing GTA V with emphasis on the character switching, while Dan Houser comments on the creative thought process and development of the system.

"You'll miss lots if you don't pop over to [a character] from time to time," Houser said. "You'll miss lots of the stuff they are potentially getting up to, but you won't miss key plot points. It will be little details about what their lives are like, based on what you've done in the plot. You'll miss those obviously if you move the plot past where those are no longer relevant, and just the sheer number of things you can see them get up to, you'll miss them if you don't keep going to have a look for them."
<center><img src="/images/news/1379015477.jpg.th?650x650" border="1" /></center>
They even go a little deeper to tackle the metaphysics behind a video game plot driven by three protagonists:

"I suppose we think of it as, each character sees themselves as being the star of their own movie of their life," Houser said. "Everybody thinks they're the star of their own movie at some level, don't they, in existence? So to each character, they are very much the star of their experience. We really wanted to focus on each of them having their own sense of progression, their own adventure, but where they're also so interwoven that it doesn't break apart in the same way as say, the episodes from GTA 4 plus the two mission packs breaks apart into three very clear stories with small points of crossover.

"In this, they're much more tightly interwoven to the point where they almost become the same thing, but, to any one of them, at any one moment, they should always feel like they're not someone else's supporting character; it's their life, it's their adventure."
<b>Read the full article at Polygon.com</b>

<b>Update:</b> As an added bonus, we've got a new piece of <b><a href="/v/media/artwork">GTA V artwork</a></b> featuring Chop:

<center><a href="/images/vportal/media/artwork/27.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/vportal/media/artwork/27.jpg.th?650x650" border="1" /></a></center>
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