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[SAMP] Mafia City/Infliction Roleplay (0.3x)

Infliction Gaming Roleplay (Dynamic Factions, Dynamic Vehicles)

Website: http://infliction.co
Server IP: play.infliction.co:7777
TS IP: ts.infliction.co

Here at Infliction Gaming, all our staff members strive to make sure the newer community enjoys and is satisfied by their experience here, on our roleplaying community. Not only that, our fabulous scripting team works their hardest day and night to ensure an easy and dynamic system of multiple configurations, to make life easier for both the players, and administrators. A list of super cool features can be seen below.
Unique Mapping & Scripting (San Fierro & Los Santos)
Dynamic Factions & Gang Systems
Dynamic Mapping, Gate & Door System
Specialist Hosting from trusted Companies for both, SA:MP and TeamSpeak.
Exclusive DDoS Protection
Dynamic VIP Systems
Revamped commands from default roleplay configurations
The use of advanced MySQL tables to ensure safe statistics
Dynamic duty toggling for administrators and advisory staff
Specialist Anti-Cheats accustomed to the server
Dynamic businesses, houses, PDA/MDCs and other necessities
Brand-Spanking new weaponry systems, allowing the increased use of roleplay tactics as opposed to other communities
Dedicated staff members who work their hardest to achieve only the best for the players

We've all been there, it's difficult to start from scratch on a new server with no help and having to immediately start doing jobs. To ensure an easier life, we've implemented a simple refunding system so that the minute you register, you'll see a list of choices you can pick as a refund for yourself.

The package will consist of necessities and items that will assist you in getting started, such as VIP and maybe a few materials, vehicles, properties or businesses depending on the packages set by the administrators.

Here at Infliction Gaming, we'd hate to see a community full of criminals and law breakers, without any official support or any proper competition. Which is why we have a group of factions, both law makers and law breakers. Currently, the total faction count is 8.

Los Santos Police Department - HIRING MEMBERS
Fire Department of San Andreas - HIRING LEADER AND MEMBERS
The Hitman Agency - HIRING MEMBERS

Currently, we REQUIRE of Slot-Holders for multiple factions. The requirements, however, are stated as follows:

Must have TeamSpeak and a working microphone.
Must speak the English Language clearly.
Must be active as much as possible.
Must bring at least 3 trusted friends.
Must be able to register on the Forums.
Must be able to Roleplay.
Must know all the server rules.

If you are clear on all these requirements, come down for a small interview with or Director of Gaming Operations, and we'll have you set up with your new faction!

Of course, all these factions have their own line of duty and accomplishments, which you can read more about on our official community forums. Also, be aware that due to our current playerbase some factions may have been temporarily disabled. The factions stated above will always be with us, disabled or not. Factions have the ability to work together, providing their faction allegiance is set to "San Andreas". Exceptions are the San Andreas Network (News & Media), the National Office of Security Enforcement (Terrorist Faction) and the Hitman Agency (Contract Agency). We are currently looking for someone to lead the SASP and San Andreas News.

Maybe you'd rather not settle for a faction, and preferred the gang scenery of the game. Well, with official gangs everyone benefits! It will help secure our ratio of civilians to law enforcement officers, and will also be handy for you and your crew. Our dynamic gangs (and factions) system allow administrators to create gangs on the fly, ready for you to use. The only requirement at the moment for a gang is that you have at least 5 members ready to embark on a fulfilling roleplay journey, who won't strain to go inactive for a long time. If you bring five or more players then you will receive a family slot for your family! The features our gangs system have:

Dynamic Creation/Deletion
Turf System with benefits for turf-holders
Vehicles for you and your gang to use and enjoy
Teamspeak channel for you and your gang
Special forums for you and your gang
Free HQs and gates custom made at your request
Access to certain leadership powers on forums, Teamspeak and in game

Want your own Gang? IGRP will make all your dreams come true. All you need is five members to be a part of your gang and *SNAP*, there you have it. With a quick call, your gang will be set up and ready to rumble. Requirements are as follows:

Must have TeamSpeak and a working microphone.
Must speak the English Language clearly.
Must be active as much as possible.
Must have at least 4 trusted friends.
Must be able to register on the forums.
Must be able to Roleplay.
Must know all the server rules.

Filling out these requirements will confirm your gang slot, making you an official gang on teamspeak and the forums.

Careers, or more commonly known as jobs, are what keeps the server in stable economy. There are many scripted careers to choose from, as well as roleplay jobs given to you by other players. Both can be handy, it depends what type of person you are. There are many careers to suit your character's needs. A list of careers can be shown below.
Trucker - Transports legal and illegal goods to and from various places.
Weapon Constructor - Creates weapons and has the ability to create them for others.
Bodyguard - Able to provide protection (body armour) to other players.
Taxi Driver - Transports players from point A to B.
Detective - Able to search for players' locations.
Pizza Boy - Delivers pizzas to different houses.
Car Mechanic - Able to fix vehicles, change their wheels and supply players with nitrous.
Drug Dealer - Plants, sorts and sells drugs to other players.
Craftsman - Able to craft various items for themselves and other people.
Lawyer - Able to defend a suspect or free a prisoner.

That's right, we're almost ready for takeoff! But, we could do with some extra help. If you ever feel like you want to do something for us in return, we're always looking for help! Current priorities:
Beta Testers
Advisors & Helpers
Faction Leader - San Andreas Network - Fire Department of San Andreas - Government
Faction Members
Gang Slots (Giving out family slots to slot holder who brings atleast 7 or more players to the server and can speak english clearly also able to be on team-speak at all times with his/her gang members. )
MultiMedia Designers

We're also on a number of networks, if you ever feel you need to get an update on Infliction Gaming and it is nowhere to be found in-game, don't forget to check these handy services!
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