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Lightbulb SoF: The Movie (Mod Required)

Soldier of Fortune: The Movie

Maybe you guys remember Soldier of Fortune - a bit pixelled FPS game from 2000.
If you don't, better watch gameplays, play the game or read something about it before you read thread.

Story of game's rather known (or not) - terrorists has stolen 4 nukes from storage in russia and they wan't to sell it.
John Mullins and his partner, who works for organisation of mercenaries, they have to stop those bad guys and not let weapon to be sold.

I think that's quite long and full of action plot and it's suitable for pretty good movie.
But I think that I'll don't make movie, but series with average long about 20 minutes of episode.
I ended now 20 minutes prologue, where was that shootout at subway in NYC.

And after it my work has been stopped for these reasons:
- Parachute - they are in TBoGT, and these mods for GTA IV too will not work,
- Train transport - looks like the GTA SA Freight mixed with two missions in San Andreas:
-Green Goo,
- Environment - mostly trees, but they can also be found any rivers, hills, valleys, etc.,
and at the end, on the bridge train will explode, bridge will crush and
Mullins jump off of it and grab a helicopter and escape from that place.
- Guardians of the train (or something like that) - dressed in military uniforms,
guard the train and shoot the main character, and the best, as if it were a helicopter
flying around looking like a Hunter from GTA SA. Parachute that I can manage (somehow'll get TBoGT),
but most needed a train and all the rest - the best, if it was a mission.

It is a program for making vehicles with objects, such as in the map editor? And if no one wants to make a map for me,
could someone give a program for making simple maps and any tips? And this program to do the mission as DYOM
(Design Your Own Mission), but to create more advanced missions, which cutscenes could used in the film.

Please, someone give a helping hand.
If anyone thinks that I'm doing this as long as I can give you a link to the prologue, because I have sent as unpublic.

Train and whole entire mission from the game will be better if it'll look like this.

PS. It's possible that I'll use GTA IV:SA, but there isn't any train except passenger train.
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IF someone wants to make an movie with me, feel free to ask.
IF someone wants to play with me, also feel fre to ask me if you wan't.

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