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Liberty Hustlers


The LH was formed in 2012 during the Bohan Riots. They started in Bohan but were forced out into Alderney. After performing some hardcore crimes they were put in Alderney Prison. Now, they will escape and regain turf in Liberty City. They have only the prison as turf.

The Hustler Cammi VirologicShrimp
Wannabe Hustler -- --
OG -- --
Gangsta -- --
Monster -- --
Homie -- --
Rookie -- --
Fool -- --
Civilian -- --

Pimp -- --
Drug Dealer -- --
Stealther -- --
Assassin -- --
Security -- --


Questions Answerd
Age --
What are your skills --
Time zone --
How active are you in GTAForums --
What is your PSN --
Why should you be accepted --
Anything else --
If you are accepted, what will your role be --

Never Forget To Keep sh*t Real
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