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PC questions.

I've never played PC games before always on console. I didn't like PC games because I had to sit in an uncomfortable chair in front of a measly 27" screen using a keyboard. Now I know its different. I just saw some videos on YouTube of real life cars I like on GTA4. I was amazed.
I have a desktop computer but know its useless because I can't hook it up to my bigger LED tv. I also now know I can use a Xbox type controller on a PC but this as much as I know about this.
Am I able to install a hdmi out on my desktop thats 3 years old or should I buy a new one? If new what are the qualifications that it needs to run GTA4 w/o breaking the bank? What controller do you recommend and how hard is it to add the cars into the game? Is it simple? All input appreciated, thanks!
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If your video card has DVI output instead of HDMI, you could just get a DVI-to-HDMI converter.

DVI plugs look like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface
My humble GTA4 realism scripts:
Arrest Warrant notoriety system with cop alert meters
Bank Account store money at ATMs and earn interest
Deadly Wrecks car wrecks hurt, seatbelt helps
Weapon Weight weapons and ammo slow you down
Weapon Storage store weapons & ammo in safehouses
Real Reload more realistic reload model for guns
Hide Radar hide the radar & health bars for HUD-free gameplay

My specs:
Q6600 @ 3.0GHz || 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM || GeForce GTX 570 1.25GB
24" LCD @ 1920x1200 || Windows 7 Professional x64 || GTA4 v1.0.4.0
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