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Originally Posted by victim View Post
Tarantino was brought up by the OP. Pulp Fiction has a great connection to what I'm talking about. I would argue that film has three main characters - Bruce Willis, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, who play Butch, Vincent and Jules respectively - they all have their own stories throughout the film which interweave during separate timelines. If you haven't seen it stop reading now. Butch kills Vincent, which incites an emotional response from the audience but still doesn't make us care less about Butch's plight. Rockstar are known for constantly pushing the barriers between film and videogame, so I expect V to draw heavily on a Pulp Fiction influence if it does indeed go the multiple-characters path.
That's what I was pointing to.
Originally Posted by phexitol View Post
Here's a theory: Grand Theft Auto V is the "most boring" GTA game ever, since it's really just about 4 guys sitting in a prison cell telling their bullshit stories.

As in, the game starts in prison, with our protagonists sitting around talking. You then highlight the one you want to play as, and his story is all the stuff he did to end up in prison. Saving and loading works just like previous games, but now when you load, you can choose to continue with your current character, or pick another.
That's not a bad idea for the game opening.
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