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Lightbulb Perhaps...listen in...

hmm I've just had an idea...what if...the GTA V is structured sort of like a Tarantino-esque story(or GTA IV+episodes in one) with three characters whose individual stories intertwine in the LS county area??

You know how rockstar does these things, about 3 trailers, and then you get the game.
So, that would mean the first trailer is about(other than introducing the setting/time/vibe/etc.) one of the characters, the older Italian looking guy, narrated by himself, with a glimpse of the other two characters as well(younger tattooed black guy and the younger white/latino guy).

It would make sense, for the variety sake, different backgrounds, experiences, social groups, contacts etc.
Also, the style of the gameplay would possibly be restricted, if you only played as an 50+ years old man, you couldn't really expect him to do all that GTA style mayhem adequately?

I'm basing this view on the rumors of multiple characters and that rockstar's quote:
A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer
In my view, five characters(suggested by some) would probably over complicate things and water down the characters themselves, hampering the immersion in each of their stories...3 is a good number, not to loose track of the story paths, me thinks.

Am I onto something here? What do you guys think?
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