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Random stuff happening.

I decided to play some GTA IV today, i still had my second playthrough to continue and of course to get in the mood for November 2, man i can't wait!!!! Anyway...

GTA IV continues to impress me, holy crap. I thought i had seen it all, all the little details and random shit happening, but nope. I was driving this cop car and i had damaged it alittle, nothing severe though, no smoke or anything. But for some reason the car wouldn't go any faster, as if something was blocking the acceleration.

So i rotate the camera around and i notice that something above the rear tyre is damaged, something from the car body. Exactly this is what was blocking the tyre, and that is just...DETAIL! These are the kind of things one would expect from a Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, but GTA too? Holy crap!

Also something else, which i've never seen in the game yet, but i read it on another forum.

Apparently it was in Bohan, a water pipe was sticking out of the ground. A man was working on it, and another man next to him had papers in his hands and telling the guy what to do.

I keep being amazed by the details of this game, even after so many hours of playtime, so i was wondering. What kind of stuff have you guys seen? And where was would be a shame if i was missing out on more things, i just love things like this in a game. It's exactly what sets Rockstar apart from ANY other developer, no other game is like this when it comes to the insane attention to details and atmosphere.
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