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Exclamation Mods not working (I've spent about 6 hours trying to debug this)


I am not really new to GTA 4 gaming. I've been lurking here and there and trying out mods. I have decided to make an account because I've hit a huge problem with my GTA IV mods and I'm stuck.

Here are my specs:

GTA IV Steam Version downgraded to
Intel i7 920
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Here are the mods I was working with:
-iCEnhancer 1.25
-Better City Textures Mod
-some Vehicle mods, NON-EPM, just regular
-Realistic Driving and Flying mod
-Contagium 1.2 (additional Spartan Blood Texture Mod)

I started off by downgrading GTA IV to Before I did this, I was able to use both Contagium 1.2 AND iCEnhancer 1.2 (not 1.25) with no problem with the Steam version of GTA IV.
After downgrading to, I started with iCEnhancer 1.25 and that worked great. I then added Realistic Driving and Flying mod. Things were going great thus far. I even started to add cars, and my vehicles.img was up to 119 MB when playing, and there was no taxi bug. Lastly, I added the Better City Textures mod.
Up to this point, everything is going well, I could ride with my modded vehicles and have different handlings and such.

Last night, I added the TrafficLoad mod, which is supposed to add more variety to my traffic. This is an ASI file. In the GTA IV folder, I already had xlive.dll and xlive_d.dll as well as Scripthook.dll (I think it was the 0.4.0 version).

The instructions for Contagium 1.2 is to add the 0.4.0 ScriptHook.dll and the Xliveless files (which I already had in the GTA IV main folder).

Now the problem is that the Contagium 1.2 mod won't seem to load. This is supposed to have a zombie outbreak start up. When I open the Scripthook log, I see that it detects the GTA IV version, and the following:

[Contagium] thread started
[VehicleMod] thread started

Here are the things I tried:
1. I tried different versions of Scripthook.dll but only the 0.4.0 version would seem to work, all others would crash upon loading a save game.
2. I tried altering the xlive.dll and xlive_d.dll files. Nothing too significant.
3. I changed the paklist.dat to the original file because it was required to be replaced by the Realistic Driving and Flying mod.
4. I deleted the TrafficLoad.ASI.
5. I pulled up my original back up of the unmodified vehicles.img
6. I downloaded and replaced the dsound.dll with the ASI Loader version.

I tried all of these things. For some reason, Contagium 1.2 just won't seem to load. This is by far my favorite gameplay mod, and I am soooo frustrated not being able to run this game.

My questions: How can I get it to run? I seemed to run smoothly before.

As far as I know, aside from the TrafficLoad, there is no other .ASI files in the GTA IV main folder. If it makes a difference, when I viewed the GTA IV directory properties, it was on Read-Only, so I then changed it to NOT Read-Only. The mod is still not working.

Is it possible that some other mod is interfering with the Contagium mod? What should I do? Is there a different way to UNINSTALL an ASI mod besides deleting it from the main directory?

Thank you so much for all your help. If you need any other information, please let me know. I know it's long, but I tried my best to be as specific and detailed as possible.
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this is the old version use this 1
it has a differnt name but trust me it is the new 1
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