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Thumbs up [WIP] Vice City Online (VCO) merges with State Of Liberty (SOL)

So, what's happenin'?

Vice City Online:
In the month of April (2010, of course), ReGeX and I discussed the possibilities of adding a new flair to the project. What ReGeX had in mind, I could not have been prepared. After researching a well-known GTA modder by the name of X-Seti, it was clear that he too was going through the developers' blues. For those of you who do not know who X-Seti is, he is the founder and lead-developer of the GTA: State Of Liberty (SOL) modification. SOL had problems, lots of problems. ReGeX envisioned many resolutions to the technical and personnel problems facing SOL. Why not combine VCO with SOL? Why not bring X-Seti on to the team? It could not have happened with better timing. X-Seti, working alone, was ready to call it quits and move on to other projects. However, once ReGeX and he spoke, they struck a deal they both could not refuse.

State Of Liberty:
SOL is a modification that combines the three Renderware GTA (III, VC and SA) maps in one. It is no secret that SOL has faced many brick-walls down through the years. Using the Vice City engine, there are issues with the radar being redundant, extreme waterlogging, FPS lag, among other problems with the integration of the maps. Truth is, it is not a one-man job. X-Seti is the man behind the models and the mapping, where he has concentrated most of his efforts down through the years. He also has extensive experience in reverse-engineering. ReGeX is Computer Science graduate who has been programming since he stopped wetting the bed. With a fresh set of eyes, ReGeX has been able to find solutions to many of the technical problems SOL had been facing, leaving X-Seti to concentrate on the modelling guilt-free while lending ReGeX a hand from time to time.

What's changed?:
Oh, wouldn't you like to know!? Alright, so down to brass tacks. The evolution of the modification has been nothing short of majestic. Water levels, hacked, fixed. Radar, hacked, fixed. FPS lag, re-modelling and draw-distance optimization, work-in-progress. I could go on all day about how the modification has evolved, but I really do not want to reveal the real juicy features that have been completed and are still at the conception stage. I know, it blows, right? Suck it up! All will be revealed in time...

You mentioned combining VCO and SOL, so what's the deal, yo?:
That is correct. Vice City Online was in a sweet place before SOL merged with it. Within a week or so, ReGeX gave X-Seti and I the first alpha build of State Of Liberty...wait for it...Online (SOL-O). Preserving the new VCO RC2 alpha features, it was a treat to say the least! One of my favorite VCO RC2 features was the new synchronization system that was developed in November 2009 (which was thrown out last week in place of a completely, and yet another revolutionary, synchronization system - *snore*).

Ah now, all this State Of Liberty tomfoolery, can we not just have a Vice City online multi-player?:
Hey, why not!? The State Of Liberty project is going to consist of three games.

- State Of Liberty single player (as originally dreamed up by X-Seti)
- State Of Liberty Online
- Vice City Online

The only difference between the third item on the list and what you thought was being developed before is that the RC2 version designation is being dropped for something more appropriate, which is yet to be decided. Development of the online aspect of SOL runs parallel to creating VCO, as promised, for the good folks that want to keep it simple.

Is development going to take forever, are we ever going to get to play it?:
Why not? I cannot speak for the single player aspects of the game, but at the rate that SOL-O is progressing, we are thinking along the lines of 2011. Anything more exact than that cannot be determined at present, but it is unlikely to be in the Spring time.

So you guys have been farting around and playing SOL-O since April and you leave it until now to tell us? Seriously, show us a teaser or something!:
We are way ahead of you. I have created a very quick montage of some plain ol' driving around the SOL-O map. Note that what you are about to see in this footage is a tad deprecated now, since these montage elements were taken closer to April and I have not taken any recent videos (I know, I will get on that ASAP). We might have a better video for you nearer to Christmas time. We are a small team and it is quite hard to churn these out with everything going on, busy busy busy! Right, so here it is. Enjoy!

Watch in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1tr8uG5sac&fmt=22

What do we need to do?:
Nothing! All pertinent services at vicecityonline.com have been ported over to gtasolonline.com, with those respective services automatically re-directing you to the correct address. Our forum is up and running and has not changed much; apart from having a new theme and some extra boards to post in. The main site is a bit incomplete. There is an all-new Wiki and Bug Tracker, also incomplete. Bear with us, though. We will fix it all up for you very soon!

Website: http://www.gtasolonline.com
Forum: http://forum.gtasolonline.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GTA-St...14619601915911

Tune in with Winamp!

Also, you can visit/tune in via the website at http://www.algorhythmradio.net

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